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Lil Dicky's Star-Studded Climate Change Song Is Proof We're All Doomed

Ariana Grande stars as a zebra and Snoop Dogg plays a weed plant in "Earth," a baffling video meant to save the world. Weird.
Colin Joyce
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This Justin Bieber Interview Sure Is Something

Buckle up, the 24-year-old pop icon and his new wife Hailey Baldwin to talk about religion, marriage, and celibacy in a pretty ridiculous 'Vogue' profile.
Josh Terry

Please Enjoy These Fantastically Brutal Illustrations by a Death Metal Icon

Mark Riddick has designed album art, posters, and merch for Exodus, Arch Enemy, Dying Fetus... and Justin Bieber.
Beckett Mufson
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Damn, Justin Bieber Probably Eats His Burritos Like a Normal Human

That viral photo apparently showing a hoodied Bieber chomping into the middle of a burrito was a hoax perpetrated by YouTube pranksters Yes Theory.
Alex Robert Ross
VICE Investigation

I Ate a Burrito Sideways Like Justin Bieber Supposedly Did and It Sucked

I tried his unorthodox method to see how it (literally) held up.
Allie Conti

I Tried to Become a Scumbro Without Spending Any Money

Jonah Hill, Pete Davidson, Justin Bieber... what story are they trying to tell through their demented clothing? Only one way to find out!
Ryan Bassil

Canada Extracts Justin Bieber Amid NAFTA Crisis

Hailey Baldwin is reportedly moving to Ontario with her fiancé as they try to get away from scary Americans.
Allison Tierney
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The Christian Marriage Book That Made Justin Bieber Cry

Eve Peyser dissects an evangelical's book about the importance of marriage.
VICE Staff

A Deep Dive into the Christian Marriage Book That Made Justin Bieber Cry

I can see why the pop star is so into "The Meaning of Marriage."
Eve Peyser

Why People Are Obsessed with the ‘Jailey’ Engagement and Other Celeb Romances

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin's honeymoon stage will live on forever through the choose-your-own-adventure of Instagram standom.
Connor Garel
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Justin Bieber Is Walmart Yodel Boy's Biggest Fan and I'm Happy for Them Both

I hope to one day feel the joy that known yodeler Justin Bieber felt watching Mason Ramsey, a.k.a. Yodel Boy, at Coachella.
Phil Witmer
Teen Time!

Is Satan Still Cool? The Teens Speak

The history of Satan's influence in music can be traced from Black Sabbath to Lil Uzi Vert so we asked teens if any of that matters.
Devin Pacholik