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Life Inside

The Unreal Horror of Being Locked in Solitary Confinement When I Was 16

I felt like I aged ten years just by doing 20 days in there.
Jordan as told to Taylor Elizabeth Eldridge
Life Inside

When Your 18th Birthday Gift Is a Transfer to Adult Prison

They looked confused when they saw a baby-faced kid walk down the aisle in shackles and an orange jumpsuit.
Nick Ward
Life Inside

What I Think About When I'm Going Back to Prison

After I carjacked a man, I went to Yale Law School. Now I speak to young incarcerated people while trying to face my own past.
Reginald Dwayne Betts
Criminal Justice

Will America Stop Putting Kids in Solitary Confinement?

Long-term isolation is rapidly losing ground as an accepted practice in the world of juvenile corrections. But for youth advocates, ending solitary will take more work.
Eli Hager
Criminal Justice

New York move leaves just one state that puts 16-year-olds in adult jails

Tess Owen

What Happens to Children Accused of Breaking the Law

A look inside one day at juvenile court in East Los Angeles, where kids charged with everything from smoking weed to attempted murder get to know the system.
Lauren Lee White
Life Inside

They Told Me I Was Going to Die in Prison

I have cancer and wonder if I'll get parole before it's too late.
Shavonne Robbins, as told to Lisa Riordan Seville

The 14-Year-Old Who Grew Up in Prison

In 1979, Ricky Olds watched his friend kill a man, then himself got sentenced to life in prison. More than three decades later, the Supreme Court has given him a shot at freedom.
Marc Bookman

How America's Criminal Justice System Traps Low-Level Offenders

I've seen firsthand how the system makes it difficult for jail inmates who have committed minor crimes to get out and stay out of a cell.
Kenneth Rosen

​Why Is Texas Still Sending 17-Year-Olds to Adult Prisons?

Reformers argue that treating 17-year-olds differently from younger teens leads to higher sexual abuse and suicide rates, as well as costing the state money.
Alex Mierjeski

​Is Texas About to Abandon its Juvenile Justice System?

A new study is expected to result in further cutbacks to the state's juvenile detention facilities, and could even spur lawmakers to abandon their reliance on the system entirely.
Alex Mierjeski

Silent But Deadly: School Cops Arrest Students for Talking Too Loudly, Graffiti, and… Farting

More than a third of American sheriffs' departments and nearly half of all police departments have officers assigned to local schools, according to the Department of Justice. Students today are arrested in school for offenses that include talking back...
Daniel Denvir