Podcast: Luxury Week In Review

Are diamonds forever?


What It's Like to Use VR to Buy Multimillion Dollar Real Estate

A new startup is using VR to help property owners buy luxury real estate.


How the Kinky and Rich Get Off

From erotic party memberships that cost $75,000 a year to custom leather gear, having money can mean some luxurious sex.


Could a $9500 Bicycle Turn Me, a Sad Sack of Flesh, into a Superathlete?

I rode a Tour de France-worthy bicycle for a month to see how fast a normal person could go. Spoiler: Kinda fast!


Per Luxuria Ad Astra: The History and Future of Ritzy Fictional Spaceships

From Fhloston Paradise to Elysium, what fictional luxury spacecraft say about real world issues.


When Income Inequality Causes the Rich to Seek Shelter

Best way to respond to the vast income gulf? Run and hide.


A Japanese TV Show Wants Teens to Vote for Their Idols with Cryptocurrency

To buy in to the fandom, teens will literally have to buy in.


Can Money Buy You the Perfect Diet?

I tested out a meal delivery service touted by Lena Dunham, Victoria's Secret models, and a bunch of Wall Street execs to see if money could "fix" my diet.


The Company Making ‘Transformers’ from Luxury Cars Wants Everyone to Have One

And they wouldn't sell to a millionaire.


I Rented All the Expensive Tech I Can't Afford

Those who can't afford to keep up with expensive gadgets can now rent them for a taste of a more luxurious lifestyle.


In a Utopian Future, What Counts as Luxury?

We asked some science fiction authors to define luxury in a utopia.


Now You Can Build Your Own Private Mesh Network With Phones and Radios

The goTenna Mesh, a small radio device launching on Kickstarter, may bring the masses to mesh networking. A chat with the CEO, Daniela Perdomo.