CBD Vape Liquid Contains Dangerous Ingredients

A new study detected synthetic marijuana and a compound in cough syrup in some of Diamond CBD's products.
Shayla Love

Inmates across the country are dying from K2 overdoses

At least three states are experiencing upticks in the number of inmate deaths caused by K2 overdoses.
Tess Owen

Prison officials are blaming inmate letters soaked in K2 for making guards sick

All 25 of Pennsylvania's prisons are on lockdown after guards say they got sick after touching inmate possessions.
Tess Owen
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New Haven K2 overdoses climb to over 100: “I’m afraid it’s going to mess people up”

People are still "dropping" by the dozens in one New Haven green.
Emma Ockerman
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Everything You Need to Know About K2, the Dangerous Weed Knockoff

“There’s nothing 'natural' about it. They’re just deadly chemicals made in a lab."
Rajul Punjabi

The CDC Says Synthetic Weed May Be Contaminated With Rat Poison

They found that, of the 202 reported cases of unexplained bleeding nationwide, 95 patients tested positive for brodifacoum, a chemical used as rat poison.
Jesse Hicks
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Chicago Convenience Store Busted for Selling K2 Laced with Rat Poison

Officials believe synthetic marijuana has caused two deaths and at least 56 illnesses in the city in recent weeks.
Adam Forrest

Why Some People Can't Handle Their Weed

The search for relaxation drives the consumption of marijuana, but some find it ramps up their anxiety and paranoia.
Spencer Macnaughton

How Legalizing Marijuana Might Stave Off 'Spice' Epidemics

The same approach used to regulate and manage legal marijuana in several states could be used to control knockoff weed.
Joel Warner
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Brooklyn bodega owners fear backlash after mass synthetic weed overdose

Yemeni convenience store owners are worried about being blamed for a recent incident involving the drug K2 that left 33 people hospitalized.
Adam Hamze
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A 'bad batch' of synthetic weed turned part of Brooklyn into 'Zombieland'

At least 33 people in Brooklyn's Bed-Stuy neighborhood were hospitalized after apparently overdosing on synthetic marijuana.
Tess Owen
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At Least 17 People Reportedly Overdosed on Spice in Brooklyn

Around 9:30 in the morning, at least 17 people in Brooklyn's Bed-Stuy neighborhood became violently ill after smoking the drug, some even passing out in the street.
VICE Staff