Kalief Browder

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New York Is Getting Serious About Closing the Hellish Jail on Rikers Island

After decades of brutal incidents in the notorious jail complex, reformers are getting closer to the ultimate prize.
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Before Her Death, Kalief Browder’s Mother Spoke Out About His Mistreatment at Rikers

Venida Browder died of complications from a heart attack Friday, just 16 months after her son hanged himself in the wake of three horrific years on Rikers Island.
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Mom of Young Man Jailed for Three Years Without Charges ‘Died of a Broken Heart'

Kalief Browder was jailed at 16 for allegedly stealing a backpack and spent three years at Rikers without ever being charged. He later committed suicide. His mother, who fought for the rights of incarcerated teens like her son, died on Friday.
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What Kalief Browder’s Mother Thinks Should Happen to Rikers

After years of abuses, local power players are making noise about closing the notorious NYC jail complex. We asked the mother of one of the island's most tragic figures for her take.
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Will New York Scrap Its Broken Bail System?

A state senator from Queens wants to scrap the archaic system of holding some people in jail before their trial unless they can pay for freedom.
John Surico

How America's Criminal Justice System Traps Low-Level Offenders

I've seen firsthand how the system makes it difficult for jail inmates who have committed minor crimes to get out and stay out of a cell.
Kenneth Rosen

​Will More Cameras, New Rules for Guards, and Federal Oversight Fix Rikers Island?

The scariest island in America is finally poised to see some big changes thanks to a legal settlement reached Monday.
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How Solitary Confinement Can Drive Inmates to Suicidal Thoughts

"Some people think that solitary confinement is basically just spending some alone time," one former prisoner says. "It's not. It's like being buried alive."
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Kalief Browder and the Enduring Torture of Wrongful Imprisonment

The 22-year-old from the Bronx committed suicide this weekend after spending three years in jail—even though he was never convicted of a crime.
Matt Taylor

We Talked to the Journalist Who Made the Horror of Rikers Island Impossible to Ignore

Jennifer Gonnerman's story about three years in hell for teenager Kalief Browder might actually be changing how criminal justice works in New York City.
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