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3 days ago

2020 Candidates Want to Fund a Program Used to Surveil Muslims on Social Media

Democratic hopefuls claim the Countering Violent Extremism program can help stop white supremacist terror. But since 2014, it has been used to spy on innocent Muslims.


Warren’s Got Jokes and Cuomo Doesn’t: What You Missed from the Democrats’ LGBTQ Town Hall

Buttigieg talked about what it's like to run a blood drive when you're legally barred from donating blood. Biden talked about... bathhouses?


Kamala Harris' Prosecutors Sent This Innocent Man to Prison for Murder. Now He's Talking

Dirty cops. A bogus eyewitness. Years in violent prisons. And a liberal politician whose star keeps rising.


Democrats Say They Want a Climate Debate. So Which Ones Killed It?

The leading 2020 candidates supposedly wanted a debate devoted to climate—but the Democratic National Committee shot down that idea. We should know who is responsible.


It's Not Over Between Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris on Medicare for All

Bernie wants you to know his "clarification" on Medicare for All is in no way like Kamala Harris' "clarification."


EXCLUSIVE: Kamala Harris Is Backing a Bill Giving Uber, Lyft, Postmates Workers New Rights

Harris's position puts her at odds with her brother-in-law and a top campaign adviser, both of whom work for Uber.


Joe Biden Has a Fortress in the South

The former vice president has a 20-point lead among black voters, and that's huge in Georgia and South Carolina.


No, Kamala Harris Didn't 'Lock Up' Lil' Kim in 2006

Recently found footage from a 2006 BET reality show has some people convinced that Harris is responsible for the rapper's sentence.


Democrats Had a Debate and Nobody Said "Abortion." Not Once.

Abortion rights activists weren’t pleased the issue got virtually no airtime.


Nine Legit Interesting Moments in a Very Personal Democratic Debate

Biden still seemed old. But people actually attacked Obama, for a change.


‘Everybody's Talking About How Terrible I Am’ — Biden Takes Shots From All Sides In Debate

Former Vice President Joe Biden was on the ropes as Booker, Harris, De Blasio, Castro, and Gillibrand piled on.