We've Now Had 12 Straight Days of Tornadoes in the U.S.

At least 8 tornadoes have touched down every day for the last 12 days.
David Gilbert

How 'Queer Eye' Helped Jess Guilbeaux Find Her Voice in Conservative America

We talked to the show's first Black lesbian star about regaining her confidence and using her platform to help others like her.
Taylor Hosking
Abortion Rights

4 states just passed anti-abortion bills on the same day

It's another sign of the intensifying battle over reproductive health in state legislatures
Carter Sherman
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Bomb Threat Was Actually Just Man Announcing He Had to Drop a Dirty Dump

The Kansas man told two men in a Home Depot bathroom “y’all need to get out of here because I’m fixing to blow it up.”
Mack Lamoureux

Altered Birth Certificates Are 'Free Speech' for Trans People, Lawsuit Says

Lambda Legal has sued the state of Kansas for refusing to allow transgender citizens to alter the sex marker on their birth certificate, arguing that inaccurate birth certificates compel speech.
Diana Tourjée
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Here's how much women killed it in Tuesday's primaries

A historic 11 women, including eight Democrats and three Republicans, have now been nominated for governor's mansions.
Carter Sherman

We’re about to find out if Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s message works in “Trump Country”

On Tuesday, progressive candidates who’ve earned Ocasio-Cortez’s stump of approval will face primaries in Kansas, Michigan, and Missouri.
Carter Sherman

Alleged white supremacist jailed before for attacking a black woman is charged with killing another black woman

His daughter said he'd threatened to murder her and her three children if she “ever spoke to a person of color.”
Tess Owen
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Watch This Guy Plead His Case for Legal 'Genital Massages' to a City Council

"If someone wants to yank a guy's crank, I say let 'em."
River Donaghey
Life Inside

Want to Escape a Criminal Past? Move to Alaska (Like I Did)

After I left prison, nobody would hire me. So I threw a dart at a map and wound up moving north.
J.T. Perkins III
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How Dollar General is taking over rural America

The rise of Dollar General, and the reshaping of rural America
Roberto Ferdman

When a Drug Conviction Lands You on the Sex-Offender Registry

A strange law in Kansas means a history of drug offenses gets people lumped in with a very different kind of criminal.
Maurice Chammah