How 'Queer Eye' Helped Jess Guilbeaux Find Her Voice in Conservative America

We talked to the show's first Black lesbian star about regaining her confidence and using her platform to help others like her.
Taylor Hosking
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Bomb Threat Was Actually Just Man Announcing He Had to Drop a Dirty Dump

The Kansas man told two men in a Home Depot bathroom “y’all need to get out of here because I’m fixing to blow it up.”
Mack Lamoureux
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Watch This Guy Plead His Case for Legal 'Genital Massages' to a City Council

"If someone wants to yank a guy's crank, I say let 'em."
River Donaghey
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Want to Escape a Criminal Past? Move to Alaska (Like I Did)

After I left prison, nobody would hire me. So I threw a dart at a map and wound up moving north.
J.T. Perkins III

When a Drug Conviction Lands You on the Sex-Offender Registry

A strange law in Kansas means a history of drug offenses gets people lumped in with a very different kind of criminal.
Maurice Chammah
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A Bunch of Teens Are Running for Governor of Kansas

Apparently, there's no age requirement for the highest office in the state.
Drew Schwartz
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American Democracy Could Be at Risk in the 2018 Elections

The Trump administration is focusing on the wrong threats to the voting process. The consequences could be catastrophic.
Allan J. Lichtman
House Party

Here Are the House Seats Where Democrats Could Score Upsets in 2018

Democrats will be targeting wins in some unlikely places.
Robert Wheel
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How the Democratic Party Fails Long-Shot Candidates Like My Dad

As a surprisingly close election in Kansas showed, national Democrats don't support the party's candidates equally. I should know.
Drew Millard

Trump's Policies Could Spell Trouble in One of America's Reddest States

Kansas is as landlocked as they come, but is anything but isolated from the global economy.
Joel Mathis
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White Suspect Charged with Shooting Two Indian Men in a Kansas Bar

At least one witness reportedly heard Adam Purinton say "get out of my country" before he allegedly shot and killed Srinivas Kuchibhotla.
Lauren Messman

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Trump got booed for his remarks at a charity dinner, the NSA contractor who stole intelligence files will be charged under the Espionage Act, a Mexican judge approved El Chapo's US extradition, and more.
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