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Death Toll Rises in Pakistan as Cleric Issues Ramadan Fasting Exemption

Pakistan saw a respite from the heat on Thursday with the temperature at 93.2 degrees Fahrenheit in Karachi, down from 113 degrees recording on Sunday, but heat stroke victims were still arriving at local hospitals.


In Photos: Trying to Beat the Heat Wave That Has Already Killed Hundreds in Pakistan

Temperatures have soared to 111 degrees Fahrenheit during Ramadan, a month when millions of Muslims refrain from drinking or eating from sunrise to sunset.


Pakistan’s Radical Feminists Are Fighting Violence with Activism and Art

We met the Pakistani women who dare to fight for free speech. One of them was Sabeen Mahmud, a woman who created a countercultural haven for thinkers in Karachi and, in April, paid for it with her life.


'Bodies, Windows, then One of Them Shot the Driver': At the Scene of the Karachi Bus Attack

VICE News has spoken to witnesses and family members of victims of a deadly bus attack in Pakistan, which killed at least 45 members of a minority Muslim community.


Pakistan's Anti-Terror Offensive Nabs Alleged High-Level Taliban Operative

The man Karachi police identified to VICE News as "Kabi" has reportedly confessed that he is second in command of the Afghan Taliban military wing the Wadat Group.