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Fran's Eastside Is the Best Dive Bar in Nashville

It's so good, in fact, Nicole Kidman pretends to drink there.
D. Patrick Rodgers

I Pondered the Enduring Legacy of 'Friends' at a Daytime 'Friends' Rave

Fourteen years since its final episode, the sitcom continues to inspire so many things.
Nilu Haidari
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Missy Elliott Rapped with the 'Work It' Karaoke Lady and It Was Perfect

All hail Mrs. Funky White Sister.
River Donaghey
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This Woman Absolutely Crushed the Hell Out of Missy Elliott's 'Work It'

Her name is Mrs. Funky White Sister, and she's the queen of karaoke.
Lauren Messman
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Song Suggestions for Paul Manafort's $18,000 Karaoke Setup

"It Wasn't Me."
River Donaghey
Metal as hell

Meet Vancouver’s Dark Lord of Karaoke

When he stands at a microphone, Arcanabyss Brooks is beyond mortal. His fans even chant his name.
Cole Nowicki
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I Went to the Karaoke World Championships as Soon as I Found Out It Was a Thing

The only time you’ll find people from around the globe coming together to wave flags at someone thrusting to "Pretty Fly for a White Guy."
Hannah Ewens
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A Karaoke-Loving Fugitive Got Busted Before He Could Sing

A DJ planned a makeshift sting operation after recognizing Ronald Duby Jr.—a karaoke regular—was the US Marshal's "Fugitive of the Week."
Drew Schwartz

Times Square’s Electronic Billboards Will Become Karaoke Screens This Month

For the latest Midnight Moment, Philadelphia artist Alex Da Corte turns a karaoke performance of the song “Blue Moon” into surreal video art.
DJ Pangburn

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Putin apparently wants Microsoft out of Russia, a US gas price hike is expected after a deadly pipeline explosion in Alabama, Assad plans to rule Syria until at least 2021, and more.
VICE Staff

What Your Favorite Karaoke Song Says About You

Read this story to learn the one surefire song to get you laid.
Jordan Foisy

The VICE Guide to Los Angeles

Whether you're just visiting or settling in for the long haul, our VICE guide will help you navigate LA like a local.
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