This Man Went on a Karaoke Marathon So Intense His Lung Collapsed

He reportedly powered through 10 straight songs even after he started feeling chest pain.
Jelisa Castrodale

Last Call: Meet the Karaoke Savant of LA’s Wild, Celebrity-Studded Koreatown Bar Scene

“You gotta do it. It’s like Fight Club. This is Sing Club. If this is your very first night at a karaoke bar, you have to sing.”
Jill Kapinus
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Watch Nic Cage Scream 'Purple Rain' at Karaoke After Annulling His Marriage

The man seems to be going through something only the sweet sounds of Prince can solve.
River Donaghey
this is fine

Karaoke Is Most Fun When It's Also Depressing

I never intended for karaoke to be a method of self-care or whatever, but when I think back to my peak karaoke-going days in 2016, when I went almost every week...yeah, I suppose something was up.
Jinnie Lee
deep dive

Fran's Eastside Is the Best Dive Bar in Nashville

It's so good, in fact, Nicole Kidman pretends to drink there.
D. Patrick Rodgers

Free Live Band Karaoke Lets Me Live My Rock 'n Roll Fantasy

With live band karaoke, I can tune out the noise of life and be somebody else, someone who rocks out—all while backed by a real band.
Maryanne Murray Buechner
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I Went to a Karaoke Club with MØ and Shit Got Wild

Before her second album 'Forever Neverland' dropped, we spent the night at a karaoke bar in London, screaming every pop punk song that's ever been written.
Daisy Jones

I Pondered the Enduring Legacy of 'Friends' at a Daytime 'Friends' Rave

Fourteen years since its final episode, the sitcom continues to inspire so many things.
Nilu Haidari
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Missy Elliott Rapped with the 'Work It' Karaoke Lady and It Was Perfect

All hail Mrs. Funky White Sister.
River Donaghey
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This Woman Absolutely Crushed the Hell Out of Missy Elliott's 'Work It'

Her name is Mrs. Funky White Sister, and she's the queen of karaoke.
Lauren Messman
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Song Suggestions for Paul Manafort's $18,000 Karaoke Setup

"It Wasn't Me."
River Donaghey
Metal as hell

Meet Vancouver’s Dark Lord of Karaoke

When he stands at a microphone, Arcanabyss Brooks is beyond mortal. His fans even chant his name.
Cole Nowicki