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What Is Kim Kardashian's Mystery Beef with Jack in the Box?

We're on the edge of our seats waiting to find out why Kim is tweeting shade at the fast food chain.
Jelisa Castrodale

How Ellen DeGeneres Became the Kardashian Family’s Go-to Press Stop

On the eve of the 16th season of 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians,' a look at one of the family’s preferred platforms for propaganda.
Bobby Finger
Internet Exploring

I Can't Stop Thinking About This Giant 'Astroworld' Baby Head

It's been a few days but one element from Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner's daughter Stormi's birthday party is still haunting me.
Leslie Horn

MTV Reboots 'True Life' With a Look at the Lives of Kardashian Stans

In the reboot of MTV's critically acclaimed show, "True Life," the first episode's subjects go to great lengths to look like the Kardashians.
Danielle Kwateng-Clark

Blac Chyna's Skin-Whitening Products Are a Window into an American Secret

Her co-sign of a bleaching product forces us to reckon with a problem too often shrouded in secrecy and denial.
Taylor Hosking
Dumb Shit

Kanye West Has Officially Released "XTCY" And It's Still Pretty Bad

Kanye's song about smashing his sister-in-laws, that he leaked a few weeks ago, has an official release. Unfortunately.
Shaad D’Souza
Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner Is Trying to Change the Republican Party from Within

In a rare interview, Jenner tells Broadly, "Republicans need the most work when it comes to our issues, I get that."
Broadly Staff

Caitlyn Jenner's Quest for Acceptance

In 2015, Caitlyn Jenner ignited a conversation around the trans community—but her politics and outspokenness have cost her their support. Now she opens up about her mistakes, her family, and her journey to become a better person.
Diana Tourjée

Scholars Say​ if You Hate the Kardashians, You Probably Hate Yourself

The field of Kardashian research is growing. Here's what it can tell us about society.
Katya Lopatko
so sad today

Don't Instagram the Fucking Trees: Advice from So Sad Today

Sometimes you just need to flee humanity and get yourself to the nearest woods, desert, pond, river, or lake. While there, avoid the urge to log on.
So Sad Today

The Kardashians Are Struggling to Keep Up with the Trumps

"Life of Kylie" premiered to fewer viewers than "Sharknado 5," continuing a ratings decline for Kardashian-related shows that has only worsened since Donald Trump took office.
Mitchell Sunderland

How the Kardashians Keep Getting Away with Copying Designs

"It's smart to copy something that you can't get sued for."
Gabby Bess