Karl-Anthony Towns


Karl-Anthony Towns is Not Hopeless on Defense

The knock on Minnesota's star is that he's a defensive liability, but there's reason to believe he's shedding that reputation.


Karl-Anthony Towns and the Wolves are Broken

The Portland Trail Blazers blew the doors off the lifeless Minnesota Timberwolves last night and KAT looks like a shell of himself.


The NBA Shouts Out Derrick Rose for His Career-High 50-Point Game

The Minnesota Timberwolves veteran had the best scoring night of his up-and-down career, and this wasn't lost on the NBA.


"You Fucking Need Me": Jimmy Butler is Back at T-Wolves Practice

Jimmy Butler spent his first practice back with Minnesota since demanding a trade yelling at teammates, coaches, and the GM. Good times!


Ben Simmons Roasts Hawks While Playing Video Games with Karl-Anthony Towns

The Philadelphia 76ers point guard told KAT he had "plenty of time to play" PUBG ahead of the Wolves game against the lowly Atlanta Hawks.


The Outlet Pass: Karl-Anthony Towns is Super Frustrated

Also, how Carmelo Anthony can make himself useful, Damian Lillard's bubbling MVP campaign, Ben Simmons in the post, examining Jabari Parker, a look at why the Memphis Grizzlies might actually have a bright future, and more.


Karl-Anthony Towns is Sporting a Sick "Free Meek Mill" Philly Jersey

The man came with a statement and it was [insert flames].


Meet Your 2020 NBA Champions, the Minnesota Timberwolves

The Timberwolves have a stacked roster, a new superstar, and a madman for a head coach (in a good way). They also happen to have Karl-Anthony Towns, the most transcendent young talent in the NBA.


The Timberwolves Suddenly Have a Tough Decision to Make on Ricky Rubio

Ricky Rubio is all of a sudden shooting really well, but is it a turnaround, or a hot streak?


Karl Anthony Towns's Dad Considering Suing Timberwolves for Mascot-Induced Injury

Minnesota's mascot, Crunch, injured KAT's dad's leg in a sledding stunt gone awry.


How Karl-Anthony Towns and Minnesota Can Reach the Next Level: Adam Mares' NBA Wraparound

Some of the NBA Rookie of the Year hype has died down, but the Timberwolves' young center can still become the best big man in the league. Here's how.


76ers Win on Last-Second Alley-Oop Inbound Play

The Sixers organization didn't even believe it, but they won at the buzzer.