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What I Learned Watching Karl Rove and David Axelrod Talk for Five Damn Hours

Surely a webinar taught by two of the most successful campaigners of the 21st century would contain some insight, right? Right?


The National Mark a Year of Trump in Power with New "Walk It Back" Video

Directed by Casey Reas, the video aims to highlight the vanity and spectacle of recent politics.


The National Are Beefing with Karl Rove

Rove thinks that the band sound like "Euro Tech Pop."


Trump's Right About One Thing: White House Leaks Are a Story

If the Russia scandal doesn't derail Trump's presidency, a lack of loyalty might.


How India's New Prime Minister Won Over the Tea Party

Narendra Modi may be the first world leader to record a welcome message for an American political action committee.


The US Government Shut Down Because Everything Is Stupid

Thanks to a few dozen ultraconservative Tea Party politicians, the entire federal government shut down at midnight last night. This doesn't seem like a great way to run a country, does it?


Craig Unger Wrote a Book About Karl Rove

'Vanity Fair' contributing editor Craig Unger just published a book with Scribner's on Rove's consolidation of influence in the GOP called 'Boss Rove: Inside Karl Rove's Secret Kingdom of Power.' I met Craig by chance at the DNC, and we hit it off when...