Keck Observatory


Astronomers Discover Rare Kilometer-Sized Object in Outer Solar System

“We didn't even have enough money to build a second dome to protect our second telescope! Yet we still managed to make a discovery that is impossible for the big projects.”


Astronomers Discover Incredibly Rare ‘Fossil Cloud’ Created Minutes After the Big Bang

The fossil cloud is only the third of its kind ever seen by astronomers, but could pave the way for their systematic discovery in the future.


What Baby Stars and Meteorites Can Tell Us About Our Solar System’s Past

Rachel Smith studies the birth of stars to better understand the origins of life on Earth, and perhaps elsewhere in the universe.


Astronomers Can’t Explain Why This New Galaxy Has Hardly Any Dark Matter

Dark matter was thought to be the glue that holds galaxies together, so how did this galaxy end up with hardly any of it?