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Ex-NSA Director Says Companies Should Never Hack Back Because They Could Start Wars

Keith Alexander, the retired general who headed the NSA for nine years, is not a fan of letting companies go after hackers.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
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Here's Every Email the NSA Got After Asking Americans for Tips on How to Protect Privacy

Shortly after the Edward Snowden leaks in 2013, the NSA asked all Americans for suggestions on how it could better protect civil liberties. The agency received 14 emails.
Jason Leopold

This Graffiti Is Made of Spy Bosses' Facebook Photos

Cirio was able to acquire unauthorized snapshots of high-ranking US intelligence officials, then disseminate them as high-resolution graffiti stencils in major cities around the world.
DJ Pangburn

These Are the Financial Disclosure Forms the NSA Said Would Threaten National Security

The NSA had claimed the financial information of former Director Keith Alexander was a national security issue. That's apparently no longer the case.
Jason Leopold
Opinion and Analysis

US Fails in Attempt to Distance Itself from UK Snowden File Destruction

NSA top brass were warned in advance that the Guardian UK would destroy hardware and called it "good news."
Natasha Lennard

Is NSA Surveillance Mastermind Keith Alexander Selling US Secrets to Wall Street?

Maybe some kind of twisted marriage between Wall Street megabanks and the US global surveillance regime was inevitable, but not even a total cynic could have expected former NSA boss Keith Alexander to cash in this hard, this fast.
Matt Taylor
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Google and the NSA Communicated: Are You Surprised?

Released emails between Eric Schmidt and Keith Alexander fuel the outrage machine, which is a bad sign for the fight against surveillance.
Natasha Lennard
Motherboard Blog

Could Keith Alexander's Retirement Finally Rein In The NSA?

Whoever is nominated to take over the NSA will face a firing squad in Congress
Grace Wyler
Motherboard Blog

NSA Chief Keith Alexander Takes His PRISM Pitch to YouTube: "It's Like Taking a Bath"

Enjoy this new and rather weird interview with the NSA director, produced by the DOD.
Michael Byrne
Motherboard Blog

NSA Director Keith Alexander Will Step Down from the World's Most Powerful Intelligence Job

This will give President Obama a chance to reshape the controversy-ridden agency.
Meghan Neal