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Ronny J Knows What He Wants

We caught up with the producer behind Soundcloud's new wave of rappers.
Justin Staple
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Whoa! Yung Lean Just Shared a Lost Verse from Keith Ape’s “It G Ma”

What happened to this?
Daisy Jones

Dive in and Get Some Money with Okasian, Keith Ape, and Bryan Cha$e in "Underwater Bank"

South Korea's Cohort crew makes waves with the first video in their "Last Orcas" series.
Noisey Staff
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Keith Ape and Ken Rebel Made Webster Hall Explode at Our Show Last Night in New York

The "It G Ma" rapper brought together Seoul and New York City.
Noisey Staff

LA’s Hidden Gem: Dumbfoundead Speaks on Battle Rap and Finding His Place as an Asian Rapper in America

We premiered a new video from the Koreatown local, and spoke to him about his work with Keith Ape and what it’s like to be a well-known Asian rapper in America.
Jake Kivanc

2015 Was Korean Rap's Breakthrough Year

If 2014 was the year the underground Korean rap scene captured mainstream attention, 2015 was the year it grew so big that even the Pacific Ocean couldn’t contain it.
Madeleine Lee
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Noisey Presents Keith Ape Live in New York: Celebrate with a New Song, "Psycho" Feat. Robb Bank$

The first song in the "The Savage Haring Gallery" series sounds like the apocalypse. Come see what that looks like live at Webster Hall.
Noisey Staff
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The Best Photos From Keith Ape's Underwater Kanada Tour

We sent a photographer to document the underwater vibes in the Great North.
Noisey Canada Staff

Ca$tro Guapo Left Atlanta to Make Rap Music in Toronto

The 18-year-old wants to be the biggest actor-turned-rapper to ever come out of Toronto.
Slava Pastuk

Watch Ken Rebel, Keith Ape, JayAllDay, and Okasian Shut New York Down in the"Underwater Rebels" Video

The turn up doesn't recognize international borders.
Kyle Kramer
SXSW 2015

These Bands Are Way Cooler Than Whatever You Saw at SXSW 2015

Read this and be completely up to date on that good shit.
Noisey Staff
SXSW 2015

Rappers Are Dressing Like 80s Rock Stars and It's Awesome

Rappers have essentially become the new rock stars, a sentiment that has trickled down into pushing the boundaries of hip-hop’s style.
Tara Mahadevan