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Behold This Resourceful Man Who Used His KFC Chicken Bucket for a Soda Refill

The 'smartest man alive' redefines the free refill.
Nick Rose
Deep Ass Questions

Why Did Colonel Sanders Press 30,000 Copies of a Children’s Mandolin Record?

In 1966, the KFC founder spent tens of thousands of dollars to fund a record by a children’s Christian mandolin band, but where did all the copies go?
Sean Neumann
Fast Food Week

Why All of Those Horrifying Urban Legends About KFC Just Won't Die

A deep dive into why the deep-fried rat and the mutant chickens are seemingly immortal.
Jelisa Castrodale

Woman Suing KFC for $20 Million Over Overflowing Buckets of Chicken in Its Ads

Anna Wurtzburger, 64, purchased a bucket of chicken as part of a Family Fill Up deal and found that the goods didn’t live up to the expectations put forth in the brand's ads.
Wyatt Marshall

How I Saved a Town by Spending a Day at Its KFC Buffet

For only $10.50, KFC would let me hate-bang my arteries with fried chicken until closing hours.
Devin Pacholik

'Art Therapy,' Today's Comic by HTML FLOWERS

A bunch of sick kids are making art in a hospital. Hilarious!
​HTML Flowers

Inside Burma’s First Kentucky Fried Chicken

Before decades of isolation and sanctions, Burma had no predilection for—let alone access to—Western fast food. Today, however, foreign brands like KFC are sweeping the market.
Sabrina Toppa

McDonald's Gives Its Shareholders $30 Billion as Its Workers Protest for $15 an Hour

In cities across the United States, thousands of fast-food and service industry workers walked off the job on Tuesday to demand that McDonald's and their other employers start paying a living wage of $15 an hour.
Avi Asher-Schapiro

Iran’s Fake KFC Was Shut Down in Less Than a Day

Forget about nuclear disarmament. We need to get some people working on America’s fast food presence in Iran, ASAP.
Alex Swerdloff
Question Of The Day

What's More Important: Fried Chicken or Animal Rights?

After saving up throughout his entire summer, British teenager Olly Tyler bought (not rented—bought) an $1100 chicken suit and headed to his local KFC to protest. The diners responded by pelting him with packets of sauce and punching him in the head...
VICE Staff