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Astronomers May Have Discovered the First Known ‘Exomoon’

A new study suggests that the Jupiter-sized planet Kepler-1625b may host a Neptune-sized moon.


Google's Open Source AI Lets Anyone Hunt for Alien Planets At Home

Hunt for exoplanets with Kepler data and Google’s open source machine learning algorithm.


AI Found an Alien Solar System With As Many Planets As Our Own

AI was used to discover two new exoplanets hidden in Kepler data, and now our solar system is tied for the most known planets in the galaxy.


Clouds On This Planet Could Be Made Of The Same Stuff As Rubies

For the first time, scientists observed weather patterns on a gas giant beyond our solar system.


This 22-Year-Old Found Four New Planets, Including a ‘Warm Neptune’

One planet could conceivably host a moon with life.


How NASA Saved the Kepler Telescope from the Brink of Death

Engineers devised a clever trick to compensate for the floating telescope’s failed reactor wheels.


‘Alien Megastructure’ Is Probably Just a Swarm of Comets, Researchers Say

Iowa State university astronomers explain what likely happened with star KIC 8462852.


We Asked a UFO Researcher About Kepler's Alien Megastructures

Researchers with the The Kepler Telescope recently discovered what could be "alien megastructures." We spoke with a leading UFO researcher about humanity's quest for extraterrestrial life.