This Week in Science

The Sugar High Might Be a Myth

That afternoon treat might not improve your mood, and could make you more tired within the first hour of eating it.
Shayla Love
This Week in Science

What a Keto Diet Cheat Meal Might Do to Your Body

After a week of eating low-carb and high-fat, reintroducing carbs to the diet might negatively affect your blood vessels.
Shayla Love

Your Meat-Heavy Diet Might Be Giving You 'Keto Crotch'

Doctors have confirmed that changing your diet can create new and interesting smells... down there.
Jelisa Castrodale

You're Using Coconut Oil For Way Too Many Things

Here are the very few uses that can actually benefit your health.
Elizabeth Brown
Nicole Wetsman
Fighting Words

Our Wellness Obsession Doesn’t Do Much For People Who Have No Access to Real Produce

True wellness is not just about the individual person.
Shayla Love
Eat This

This Is What Happens to Your Body if You Eat Almost No Carbs

You might want to read this before you decide to start living off of butter, bacon, and bourbon.
Grant Stoddard
Meat and Greet

Inside the World of the 'Bitcoin Carnivores'

Why a small community of Bitcoin users is eating meat exclusively.
Jordan Pearson

The Strange History of the Extremely Low-Carb Diet Fad

The "keto diet" was originated created to treat patients with epilepsy and diabetes. Individuals on the version of the diet that's become popular today say it helps to burn fat and also makes their poop float.
Bethy Squires