Court Rules That Hundreds of People Detained During Toronto's G20 Summit Can Sue Cops

About 1,000 people were arrested or detained during protests against a gathering of international leaders in June of 2010, with police boxing in crowds of demonstrators at various locations across the city.
Tamara Khandaker

The Toronto Police Commander Who Detained G20 Protesters in 2010 Has Been Found Guilty of Unlawful Arrests

Superintendent Mark Fenton took the fall for using a controversial "kettling" tactic, but many think accountability needs to go higher up the chain of command.
Manisha Krishnan

Court Orders Montreal Cops to Pay Anarchist $15,000 for Wrongful Arrest

Jaggi Singh, 43, is a self-described anarchist who lives in Montreal and has drawn attention from both the media and law enforcement for nearly two decades.
Jake Bleiberg

Montreal Cops Kettled a Women-Only Anti-Austerity Protest

It was just one of the many left-wing anti-austerity protests to hit the Canadian city this week.
Kate McKenna

Montreal Police Are Still Kettling Protestors

447 people were arrested at Montreal's May Day protests. Many of which were kettled in by police, thanks to the controversial P6 bylaw. We were there to take it all in, and luckily this time we weren't arrested.
Ken Wallingford

Watching Fascists, Antifascists, and Police Fight Each Other at Bristol Gay Pride

For those who haven’t been paying attention, the EDL is a group that seems to sincerely believe Britain is under imminent threat of being taken over by fundamentalist Muslims. Last weekend they went to drizzly Bristol where they hung out with cops and...
Simon Childs, Photos and Video: Henry Langston