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LeBron's Love Affair with Wine Took a Brief Hiatus

LeBron James after giving up wine for two weeks: "Made me want wine more."
Liam Daniel Pierce

Every Team That Should Trade for Kevin Love's New Contract

The five-time All-Star has agreed to spend the rest of his prime with the Cleveland Cavaliers. But a trade at some point in the near future would make more sense for everyone.
Michael Pina
the outlet pass

The Outlet Pass: It's Never Been a Worse Time to Sleep on Kevin Love

Also: a conversation with Brandon Jennings, Greg Monroe doing things in Boston, Jamal Murray's relentless energy, the decline of transition offense, and more.
Michael Pina
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Figuring Out the Best Fit for Kevin Love

A lot depends on whether a team will get Minnesota stat-machine Love or complementary-veteran Love.
John Hugar
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Kevin Love's Beautiful Pass Couldn't Exist Without Avery Bradley's Ugly Shot

The universe depends on balance. If we have The Perfect, we must also have The Imperfect.
Corbin Smith
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Kevin Love to Miss Six Weeks After Knee Surgery

Love will get his knee scoped, forcing him to miss six weeks and the All-Star Game.
Joseph Flynn
cavs-wizards game

Cavs-Wizards Was Basketball at its Purest and Most Fun

This game had everything, and since it happened in a the middle of the winter and not the playoffs, we could enjoy everything.
Robert O'Connell
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LeBron On Report of Melo-for-Love Trade: "It's Trash, and the Guy Who Wrote it is Trash Too"

LeBron did not hold anything back in disputing Frank Isola's report that he was pushing the Cavs to trade Kevin love for Carmelo Anthony.
Joseph Flynn

Carmelo, Kevin, and Boogie: The Dawn of NBA Trade Season on Cookies 42

Ben Detrick and Jordan Redaelli discuss the benefits of trading Carmelo Anthony for Kevin Love, sort out the upcoming NBA playoff hunt, and more.
VICE Sports

How The Cavs Give The Warriors Fits: Adam Mares' NBA Wraparound

A Cleveland-Golden State NBA Finals rubber match looks inevitable. Here's how the Cavs can once against upset the Warriors.
Adam Mares
JR Smith

J.R. Smith Dabbing Blood out of Kevin Love's Eye is the Physical Embodiment of Compassion

We could all learn a lot from J.R.'s christ-like behavior.
Corbin Smith

The Cavs Are Playing Brilliant, Comfortable Basketball

The Cavs are 9-1 to start the season and they have made it look effortless.
Robert O'Connell