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My Incredible, Agonizing Quest to Find the Worst Movie on Netflix

It's easy to find bad movies on Netflix, but truly, exquisitely terrible films are trickier.
Jamie Lee Curtis Taete
The VICE Guide to Right Now

'Rick and Morty' Creator Says Season Four Delay Is Due to 'Complicated' Negotiations

Dan Harmon clarified his statements on the Adult Swim show over the weekend.
Beckett Mufson
The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Bereaved military father says Trump promised $25,000 over the phone, Spain set to take control of Catalonia, Facebook official to give public testimony on Russia, and more.
VICE Staff

Kevin Smith Is Bringing Jay and Silent Bob Back to the Big Screen | Last Week in Art

Snootchie bootchies.
Nathaniel Ainley

Kevin Smith Will Keep Making Movies Whether You Like It or Not

"I have experience with making something that the world doesn't fucking dig."
Larry Fitzmaurice

[Exclusive] Kevin Smith’s Top 5 Comics He’d Like to See Turned into Blockbusters

On National Comic Book Day, the creator of 'Clerks' and 'Mallrats' tells us about the comics that deserve to be made as big and expensive as possible.
Andrew Levins

We Got a Kid Born in the 90s to Review Classic 90s Films

Those born in the 90s largely missed out, not only on all the economic prosperity and the golden age of comfortable flannel shirts, but on the films that the laid-back era produced.
Lauren Messman

New York Comic Con Is the Best Thing in My Life

Every summer I eagerly anticipate the fall, because it means I get to spend another week at my favorite event, New York Comic Con.
Nick Gazin

A Documentary on the Aborted Nicolas Cage/Tim Burton Superman Movie Is Coming Soon

Whatever happened to <i>Superman Lives</i>? Jon Schnepp wanted to find out the real story behind the failed Tim Burton movie, so he made a documentary about it.
Julia Prescott
The week in GIFS

Everything You're Missing at Comic-Con in GIF Form

The new Batman costume, X-Men Oculus Rift, a <i>Fight Club 2</i> graphic novel, <i>Street Fighter</i> cosplay and so much more await you inside!
Dave Schilling

Krohn’s Disease - Angry Lesbians Are Everywhere

Angry people are everywhere. I should know because I’m one of them. I’m not a lesbian, but I am very angry. Mostly at people, but occasionally at animals. I’m also angry towards politicos for ruining the terms “hope” and “opportunity” with their lack...
Jonathan Krohn

Kevin Smith Rants And Raves About Creators And Critics At Comic-Con

<p>Kevin Smith is at it again, stirring shit up, as is his way.</p>
Jonathan Poritsky