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Key and Peele Reunited for This Extremely Meta New Teaser for 'Toy Story 4'

They play a pair of carnival prizes who are apparently really stoked on Buzz Lightyear.
River Donaghey
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Netflix Is Reuniting Key and Peele for a New Movie

'Wendell and Wild' is a stop-motion film about a pair of demon brothers, because why not?
River Donaghey

Keegan-Michael Key Wants to Do Shakespeare and Kick Your Ass

We chat with the actor about 'Friends from College,' switching to drama, and life after 'Key and Peele.'
Esther Zuckerman

We Break Down ‘Get Out,’ ‘Night in the Woods,’ on Waypoint Radio

And there's a little more talk about ‘Breath of the Wild,’ of course.
Patrick Klepek
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Watch Key and Peele Translate Obama's Anger One Last Time

The comedy duo brought back their "Obama anger translator" Luther for one final go on 'The Daily Show' last night.
Lincoln Michel
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You Can Watch Every Single 'Key & Peele' Sketch for Free Online Now

Go watch Meegan & Andre's drama-filled saga, every sketch of Obama's Anger Translator, and 176 skits previously unreleased online on the show's new digital site.
Janaya Greene

Why Jordan Peele Is MMA's Funniest Fan

With Key & Peele's Keanu in theaters now, we take a look back at the duo's, particularly Peele's, best fight-related sketches and the MMA fandom that makes them tick.
Sarah Kurchak

Key and Peele Are Improv'ing Their Way Through Four and a Half Hours of Super Bowl Coverage

All without saying the names of the players, teams, or the event itself, for legal reasons.
Bijan Stephen
Dead Ringers

Keegan-Michael Key Does Uncanny Impersonation of Penn State Coach James Franklin

Liam Daniel Pierce
Key and Peele

Key & Peele Turn the World on its Head in "TeachingCenter" Skit

"Key & Peele" imagine a world where teachers get multi-million dollar contracts instead of athletes and create a SportsCenter type show about it.
Sean Newell

Key and Peele Are Our Comedic Anger Translators

In their fifth season, the duo deploy their brand of incisive, racially deft comedy with anger translators, trigger-happy cops, and a magical land called "Negrotown" where "you can wear your hoodie and not get shot."
Nijla Mu’min

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's Lawyer Owned Prosecutors in the Boston Bombing Trial Today

An FBI agent's attempt to paint the defendant as a terrorist who tweeted about death and al Qaeda fell apart when it was revealed he didn't understand the slang the 21-year-old used online.
Allie Conti