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North Korea Has at Least One Thing Right About America's Plans for War

Kim Jong-un and his cohorts accuse the United States and South Korea of preparing a "beheading" of the North Korean regime. And in the event of war, that's exactly what they would do.


Welcome to Korea's Annual Spring Freak-Out, 2016 Edition!

It's a Groundhog Day in Korea, but with massive military exercises and apocalyptic threats. The 2016 season of communication by threat begins in Korea.


What Preparing for War Looks Like Inside North Korea

A former UK ambassador to North Korea explains the difference between the way Kim Jong-un and the regime react to supposed threats, and the way average North Koreans do.


North Korea Warns US 'Will Be Held Accountable' for Military Drills in South Korea

North Korea denounced the annual war exercises that are scheduled to begin on Monday and warned that its military could “beat up the US mainland at any time.”


North Korea Is About to Freak Out

Around this time every year, the US and South Korea engage in joint military exercises. And North Korea responds by doing something crazy.