Khalid Sheikh Mohammed


15 Guantanamo detainees were just released — the most ever during Obama's presidency

Fifteen Gitmo detainees have been transferred to the United Arab Emirates — the largest single release of detainees from the facility during Barack Obama's presidency.


Alleged Planner of 9/11 Halts Trial by Essentially Firing His Lawyers

Ten minutes into a long-delayed pre-trial hearing, Walid bin Attash told his lawyers that he no longer trusted them and wished to represent himself.


'Blind Spots and Inefficiencies': The CIA Before and After 9/11

A declassified report by the CIA's internal watchdog on the state of the agency in the lead-up to and aftermath of 9/11 describes a chaotic atmosphere and an overworked, under-qualified staff.


Hillary Clinton Emails Reveal Iran Hiker Prisoner, US Journalist Referred to as 'Left Wing Kid'

Bauer, now a reporter for Mother Jones, was one of three Americans arrested while hiking near Iraq's unmarked border with Iran.


Gitmo Detainee, Who the US Claims Was Bin Laden's Bodyguard, Argues for His Release

At a parole hearing on Tuesday, Abdul Rahman Shalabi will make the case that the US should release him to a Saudi rehabilitation program for extremists.


Psychologist James Mitchell Admits He Waterboarded al Qaeda Suspects

In an exclusive interview with VICE News, the architect of the CIA's enhanced interrogation program confirms his role and reveals concerns he raised to the CIA about 'abuses.'


The Six-Letter Text Message That Led the CIA to the Mastermind of 9/11

A $25 million reward and a good informant, not torture, led the CIA to Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.


A 9/11 Suspect Is Using the Hobby Lobby Ruling to Argue Female Prison Guards Violate His Rights

Lawyers argue that the new prison guard policy at Guantanamo could put in jeopardy the government's ability to seek the death penalty for certain detainees.


Molly Crabapple Sent Us Sketches from Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s Pretrial Hearings at Gitmo

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed's military commission at Guantanamo Bay is a guarded affair. It will be the trial of the century, the first attempt at bringing a high-level war-on-terror detainee to justice.


Strange Things Are Happening at Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s Trial

If the trial had happened in federal court in New York City, like the Obama administration originally wanted, it’s unlikely that the surreal shenanigans of justice that went down this week at the Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s pre-trial hearings in...