No One Really Knows What’s in Israel’s Most Popular New Liquor

Tel Aviv is hooked on Tubi 60: a cloudy liquor originating from the northern city of Haifa. Despite being widely sold in bars and spawning its own appreciation group, nobody really knows what ingredients it contains.
Emilee Tombs

A Drug-by-Drug Guide to a Rational UK Drug Policy

This is how the United Kingdom would be taking drugs if the law had anything to do with how harmful they actually are.
Ben Bryant

Chasing Coffee in Ethiopia: Part Four

We headed into the mountains outside of Jimma to check out some coffee washing stations, but when we got to the place where the dirt bikes were supposed to be, there were no dirt bikes—just a muddy road that ran down into a valley.
Ashton Goggans

The UK Khat Ban Is Impacting African Farmers

Last year, I had the chance to visit a khat farm in Kenya—a peaceful place most of the time—where the khat was bundled into high-speed pickup trucks and driven into Nairobi for international distribution. But at midnight last Tuesday, the edible herb...
Alex Chitty

It's Raining Khat in California

According to DEA documents obtained by Motherboard, seizures of the leafy African stimulant skyrocketed on the West Coast in 2013, after a decade without a single bust. What gives?
Max Cherney

Yemeni Plaster Workers are High on Khat

The Yemeni plaster workers tasked with preserving Sanaa's architectural history are high on khat.
Scott Preston

Khat Power

Khat is a chewable herbal stimulant, popular among the UK's Somali and Yemeni communities. Despite there being little or no evidence that the drug causes harm to its users, the British government is working to outlaw khat.
VICE Staff

My Time with One of Somaliland’s Khat Kingpins

Khat is a longstanding part of Somali culture, and people familiar with the plant in Yemen and Ethiopia jump to defend it as a recreational social lubricant. But it’s not so benign in Somaliland anymore. Ethiopian growers flood the market, realizing...
Mark Hay

This Is What Happens When You Try to Smuggle Two Wheelie Bins Full of Khat into America

One man who knows all about transporting khat internationally behind the authorities' backs is Manchester native Colin "Renno" Rennicks. He was locked up in the super maximum-security wing of an American prison after being caught attempting to sneak 4...
Nick Chester

Yemeni Tribal Kidnapping Negotiations Are Surprisingly Civil

While the media tends to focus on the rare occurrences involving foreigners or those somehow linked to al Qaeda, the vast majority of kidnappings in Yemen are domestic tribal affairs that end peacefully without any government involvement. In the...
Adam Baron