To Hell And Back

Fuck Nazi Metal Sympathy

On North Jersey's Nazi metal problem, and those fighting for a better scene (plus new tunes from Holy Grove, Glacial Tomb, Pijn, and more).
Kim Kelly

A Weekend at Heavy Metal Summer Camp Reminded Us Why We Love Riffs So Much

The bands, the friends, the venue, the city, and even the free bottled water—Migration Fest was the summer weekend of our collective hesher dreams.
Teddie Taylor
To Hell And Back

No Boneheads, No Ass-Kissers, No Nazis: It's Time For Heavy Metal Summer Camp

Getting hella stoked about Pittsburgh's Migration Festival and new tunes from Backwoods Payback, Deadbird, Inexorum, Daeva, and more.
Kim Kelly

Live Shows Were Killing My Love for Music

How taking a year off from late nights, loud bands, spilled beer, and forced conversations made me a better music fan.
Chris Krovatin

Zen and the Art of Extreme Metal Production

Dave Otero has worked with everyone from Primitive Man and Khemmis to Cephalic Carnage, so we went to Denver to find out what makes him tick.
Ben Hutcherson
Scene Reports

The Denver Doom Scene Brings Darkness to the Mile High City

Bands like Khemmis, In the Company of Serpents, Dreadnought, and more balance out the sunshine and stoned hippies with heavy riffs and misery.
Addison Herron-Wheeler

Black Sky and Black Rose: The Secret to Khemmis' Slow-Burning Rock'n'Roll

Stream the grizzled, Thin Lizzy-obsessed Denver upstarts' highly-anticipated new album, 'Hunted.'
Cody Davis
festivals 2016

Scenes from Migration Fest 2016, the Nicest Extreme Metal Fest in America

Photographer David Burke captured incredible performances from Thou, Panopticon, Krallice, Mournful Congregation, and many more.
Kim Kelly
festivals 2016

Migration Fest 2016 Highlighted the Best of the Underground and the Ties That Bind Us Together

Migration Fest 2016 was a feast for the senses, a patch-vested Pacific Northwestern Roadburn cut down to scale and ignited by passion.
Kim Kelly

Craftwerk: Denver's TRVE Is Where Metal Meets Craft Beer

When Nick Nunns and Zach Coleman aren't playing and listening to metal, they're hard at work making beer at their Denver brewery.
Nick Nunns and Zach Coleman

PREMIERE: Khemmis Perfect Doomed Rock'n'Roll on Their 20 Buck Spin Debut, 'Absolution'

Sludgy stoner grooves meet traditional doom and heavy metal thunder on one of the year's best doom records.
Kim Kelly