Khmer Rouge


'He Took What He Wanted': The Women Forced into Marriage by the Khmer Rouge

The murderous Cambodian regime forced hundreds and thousands of people into arranged marriages in the 70s. Decades on, its victims are still crying out for justice.


The VICE Morning Bulletin

Billionaire George Soros pledges $10 million to fight hate crimes, computer scientists urge Hillary Clinton to call for a recount in three key states, and more.


You Could Own a Piece of a Cambodian Dairy Startup

Moo Moo Farms is raising $1 million on Crowdfunder.


Meet the 43-Year-Old Khmer Rouge Survivor Trying to Become Cambodia's First Female Olympic Marathoner

Nary Ly quit her job as a research scientist with the U.S. Navy to focus on the final push for the Rio Olympics, where, if she makes the cut, she will make history as the first Cambodian woman to run a distance event at the Summer Games.


Meet the London Chef Serving Cambodian Dishes That Escaped a Genocide

With lok lak steak and lemon butter mushrooms, Cambodian chef Thomas Tan is preserving a culinary heritage lost during the Khmer Rouge genocide.


The Life and Strange Death of the Khmer Rouge Survivor Who Won an Oscar, Then Got Murdered

Today marks the 20-year anniversary of the murder of Haing S. Ngor, which some believe was ordered by the Khmer Rouge in response to his role in 'The Killing Fields.'


Inside the Dangerous World of Homemade Rocket Gambling

Cambodian rocket gambling is one of the world's most bizarre gambling schemes. But for the poor locals who live below the launch zone, it's also life-threatening.


‘Don’t Think I’ve Forgotten’ Documents the Cambodian Rock Scene, Pre–Khmer Rouge

We met the film's director and two key players from the vibrant rock scene that flourished in Cambodia before the Khmer Rouge took power.


Talking to Cambodians in the Bronx About the Khmer Rouge Genocide Tribunal

Despite many Cambodian New Yorkers' connection to the tragedy, the diaspora here isn't too focused on the proceedings in their home country.


Cambodian Surf Rockers Were Awesome, but the Khmer Rouge Killed Them

Knowing the grim fate of a musician who died young always influences how the music sounds, but among musician death stories, the tragedies of Sin Sisamuth and Ros Sereysothea are unusually brutal.


Weed Pizza and AK-47s: My Summer Vacation in Cambodia

I came to Cambodia to live out the dream I had entertained since my days as a young boy watching endless action movies and filling my youthful hours with GI Joes and Nerf guns: I was going to shoot an AK-47.


I Survived a Khmer Rouge Execution During The Cambodian Genocide

Sovannora survived prison camps, an execution attempt, and an frantic journey across a minefield. We asked him how he felt after the sentencing of two former Khmer Rouge officials two weeks ago.