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Mexican National Player Alan Pulido Reportedly Kidnapped

He was leaving a party around 11:30pm, when he and his girlfriend were kidnapped. She was later released.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Secret Bunkers and Sex Contracts: A Horrifying History of Swedish Kidnappings

Kidnappings might not be that common in Sweden, but when they do happen, they're pretty fucked up.
Theo Hagman Rogowski
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Kidnapped Turkish Workers Shown in Iraqi 'Death Squad' Video Pledging Their Release

The kidnapping occurred on September 2, when gunmen in military uniforms later identified as members of a Shia militia abducted 18 workers from a construction site in Iraq.
Colleen Curry and Reuters
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Islamic State Abducts 230 Christians and Sunni Muslims from Strategic Syrian Town

The residents were reportedly kidnapped by IS fighters after the radical insurgents succeeded in taking al-Qaryatain, a town in the central province of Homs.

None of Mexico's Missing 43 Students Are Among 129 Bodies Found in Mass Graves

It's been ten months since the 43 Ayotzinapa students disappeared. The missing sparked a volunteer movement to find others who have vanished in Guerrero. In Iguala alone, 129 bodies have been found so far.
Chantal Flores

The New Zealand Man Trying to Draw Attention to the Abduction of a Syrian Schoolteacher

Earlier this month, Usama Ajjan disappeared along with three Spanish journalists in Aleppo. But while the Spaniards made international news, Usama largely did not.
Carla Green
Islamic State

Islamic State Militants Reportedly Kidnap 120 Children in Mosul

Local sources claim the militant group raided various schools in the northern Iraqi city, reportedly taking them to unidentified child training camps.

Australia’s Anti-Terrorist Laws: The Balance between Liberty, Security, and Fear

In the shadow of our most recent military venture into Iraq, Australia is currently debating a raft of new anti-terror laws.
Girard Dorney
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Video Emerges of Japanese National Allegedly Killed by the Islamic State in Syria

The Japanese Foreign Ministry is looking into reports that a Japanese citizen has been abudcted and possibly executed.
Jordan Larson
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ISIS Is Radicalizing Kidnapped Kurdish Students

After kidnapping 600 Kurdish students last month, the extremists still have 150 boys and are reportedly giving them an Islamic “education.”
Olivia Becker

#BringBackOurGirls Is Not Going to Stop Boko Haram

Encouraging military intervention with a hashtag isn't going to help save the 300 kidnapped Nigerian girls.
Olivia Becker
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Between Beirut and a Hard Place

Thirty-four years ago, on April 18, 1980, I was with a United Nations Peacekeeping patrol that was abducted in south Lebanon. The kidnappers released me after a couple hours, but they tortured and killed two Irish UN peacekeepers who had accompanied me...
Steve Hindy