Naked Jehovah’s Witnesses Thought the World Was Ending and Kidnapped People

The naked kidnappers sped their SUV through a Canadian town while chanting “Jehovah” and some had to be tasered several times before they could be arrested.
Mack Lamoureux
The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Suspected bomber in Texas left behind 25-minute recording, Trump going after China on trade, spending bill includes some gun-control half-measures, and more.
VICE Staff
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How an Escaped Convict Terrorized the Coors Beer Dynasty

In one of the most sensational celebrity kidnapping sagas after the Lindbergh baby's, Adolph Coors III vanished—and the feds came down hard.
Seth Ferranti
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OJ Simpson Is Getting Out of Prison Early

After winning parole, the disgraced football star could be released from prison as early as October 1.
Drew Schwartz
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Cops Arrested a Bunch of People for Allegedly Trying to Rob Enzo Ferrari's Grave

Italian police say they thwarted a crime syndicate's plan to jack the auto legend's casket in an attempt to hold his remains for ransom.
Drew Schwartz
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Brazil’s Love Affair With Uber Has Been Ruined by Kidnapping, Robbery, and Murder

Uber, cash, and crime is a bad mix.
Guilherme Tagiaroli

The Legal Industry for Kidnapping Teens

Youth transportation services are essentially for-hire kidnappers who take "at-risk" youth from their homes to behavioral programs, per the instructions of their parents.
Serena Solomon

Flex Your Creative Muscles at the Art Gym

Break an artistic sweat at the Tate Liverpool Gallery, thanks to Turner Prize winners, Assemble.
TCP Staff
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El Chapo Is Very Sleepy and Ready to Take His Chances in America

The Sinaloa cartel boss is reportedly miffed and ready to cross the border because Mexican prison guards are waking him up all the time.
Lauren Messman

The Extraordinarily Dangerous Life of a Social Media Activist Taking on Mexico’s Narcos

A Facebook fan page with 615,000 followers is the narcos' ultimate enemy in Tamaulipas, Mexico, but the dangers posed to activist administrators, and those around them, make every post a risk.
Rodrigo Rodríguez
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Canadian Man Gets Three Years for Kidnapping His Boss and Taking Him to a Strip Club

In Alberta, Canada, when your boss owes you cash, you don't take it to the labor board—you abduct him at a gas station, take him to an ATM, and then head straight for a titty bar.
Allison Tierney
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A Drunk Guy Tried to Do a Good Deed but Wound Up Kidnapping and Force-Feeding an Old Man

One man's good deed turned into second-degree kidnapping.
Scott Masters Pierce