Everything We Know About Aaron Driver, the ISIS Supporter Killed by Canadian Police

The 24-year-old was killed while plotting a suicide bomb attack, according to police.
Rachel Browne
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Christina Grimmie of 'The Voice' was Shot and Killed in Orlando, FL

The 22-year-old singer was signing autographs for fans when the incident took place.
John Hill
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Top Syrian Rebel Leader Zahran Alloush Reportedly Killed in Aerial Raid

Alloush was the leader of Jaysh al Islam, one of the biggest and most organized rebel groups in Syria. Rebel sources reported his death and Syrian state media later confirmed that he had been targeted by an aerial strike.
Reuters and VICE News

Tigers Kill People a Lot More Often Than You Think

Last Sunday a zookeeper named Samantha Kudeweh was killed by a tiger at Hamilton Zoo. This isn't a rare event.
Max Rann
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Houthi Rocket Fire in Yemen Kills 45 Saudi-led Coalition Soldiers

The violence marked the deadliest attack on Gulf Arab forces since the Saudi Arabia-led coalition of Sunni Muslim Gulf states began its offensive in Yemen in March.
Reuters and VICE News
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Islamic State Leader Possibly Killed — Or Possibly Not — by Airstrikes in Iraq

Unconfirmed reports say Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi may have been injured or killed when coalition warplanes targeted a gathering of militant leaders near Mosul.
Liz Fields

Why Did the Toronto Police Kill Sammy Yatim?

The people of Toronto have a lot of questions for its police force after Sammy Yatim, an 18-year-old armed only with a knife, was shot nine times by a police officer in a busy part of the city. We spoke to an eye-witness, who shot one of two iPhone...
Patrick McGuire
Motherboard Blog

How Did a Florida Man Die From Eating Cockroaches?

Yep, a group of people in Deerfield Beach, Florida gathered at a reptile shop Friday night, to eat some live --insects-- cockroaches; in contest to win a ball python that retails for $700.
Daniel Stuckey