killer robots


AI Controlled Robots Are Training Alongside U.S. Marines

The military’s mad scientists are training autonomous robots alongside troops in the deserts of California


The Emotionless Future of War Means Even More Killing

A new report thinks dispassionate killer robots will carry out the conflicts of tomorrow. What could possibly go wrong?


In 'Westworld,' Sex Worker Robots Now Hold All The Power

The show uses sex work as a proxy for wider themes of consent, trauma, exploitation, and empowerment.


The Future of War Is Autonomous Killer Robots Battling to the Death

Just a quick update on how we're all going to die.


Top Researchers Write 100-Page Report Warning About AI Threat to Humanity

26 researchers from 14 organizations compiled a sweeping report on the dangers posed by malicious superhuman artificial intelligence.


Watch ‘Slaughterbots,’ A Warning About the Future of Killer Bots

The Future of Life Institute channels ‘Black Mirror’ in its short film warning about the danger of autonomous killer robots.


How Worried Should You Be About the AK-47 Company’s New Killer Robots?

Russia-based Kalashnikov Group says it's developing a military AI. But don't panic quite yet.


A Former British Drone Pilot Says Killing With Robots Is ‘Utterly Wrong’

"There are things that you just can’t account for ahead of time."


The Campaign to Stop Killer Robots Makes Incremental Progress at the UN

It overcame resistance from Russia at the last minute, starting a diplomatic process that could lead to a ban.


A Love Letter to 'Robot Wars,' the Best Show on British TV

Season 8 was the greatest series of Robot Wars yet.