Kim Asendorf


Coded Compositions Become Rainbow-Colored Geometries

Kim Asendorf's abstract series of browser-based compositions reconsider modern contemporary.


[NSFW] A New Show Explores the "4P": Porn, Pets, Plants and Pizza

New media artists use our favorite domestic clichés as tools to break down the boundaries between the real and virtual worlds.


Watch an 'Office Space' Remix and More Unseen Works from 'The New Black' Exhibition

Eight artists question contemporary mediums and online platform-influenced behaviors in Nora O' Murchú's curated show for the 2015 Resonate Festival.


The Future of Online Shopping Is Holographic

Artist Kim Asendorf is investigating the visual possibilities of Phong shading to create a virtual product experience.


New Exhibition Asks: How Do Computers Experience the World?

Kim Asendorf and Ole Fach's new London show 'Computer's World' wonders how our faithful assistants might feel about us.


Meet The Artist Who Launched The First Kickstarter-Powered Art Exhibition

Using the crowd-funding platform as a medium, Krystal South created a one-of-a-kind exhibition format.


Finally, An Online Game Inside Google Street View

'The Day Google Street View Stood Still' now gives us an excuse to get lost in the interactive maps for hours.


Here's What Artificially Intelligent Pixel Bending Looks Like

Dmitriy Krotevich's PixelDrifter software is a scientific visualization system that "breathes life" into pixels.


New Group Show Examines How Selfies Have Changed Over 21 Years

"You Might Be A Dog" in Berlin includes work from 16 net artists that examine how we broadcast our identities online.


"Out Of Office" Auto-Replies Are Being Turned Into Online Art Distributors

Devised by Matthew Britton, the project asks audiences to curate their own online art experiences.


Voting Begins For T. GIF, The Official March Madness-Style Tournament Of Animated GIFs

It's all out March Madness for the pros and prosumers competing for global GIF supremacy.