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No one at the Ecuadorian embassy will tell Assange the Wi-Fi password

“The government of Ecuador has suspended all systems that allow Julian Assange to communicate outside the Ecuadorian Embassy in London."


Ecuador Cut Off Julian Assange’s Internet For His Political Tirades on Twitter

The founder of WikiLeaks has been offline for a few hours after Ecuador suspended his internet access.


The Truth Was Stranger than Fake News this Week

If real events involving orbs and body-slams weren't enough for you, there was plenty going on in the world of BS.


Why Is Kim Dotcom Still Saying He Invented Two-Factor Authentication?

Dotcom is promoting an upcoming service, which by all accounts appears to be something about monetizing torrenting with micropayments of bitcoin


Kim Dotcom's Extradition to the US Has Now Been Cleared by a Judge

Internet mogul and Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom has lost a bid to block his extradition from New Zealand to the US on copyright infringement and money laundering charges.


New Zealand Judge Grants US Request to Extradite Megaupload's Kim Dotcom

Megaupload founder and three co-defendants are a step closer to US jail cell.


Kim Dotcom Just Went from Broke to $80K a Month Thanks to a Hong Kong Judge

The Mega founder now has the cash to fight his case for much, much longer.


Kim Dotcom's Extradition Hearing Is Over

His fate now rests with a New Zealand judge.


The Latest Twist in the Megaupload Case Hinges on a German Translation

The former Megaupload founder is claiming he never said he was "evil."


Kim Dotcom Wants to Build an Alternate Internet Powered by Blockchains

With extradition looming, the Megaupload creator proposes a 'MegaNet'.


Kim Dotcom Says US Withheld Vital Information at His Extradition Hearing

Kim Dotcom's lawyers say the prosecution is guilty of misconduct.


Stop Stalling, US Attorneys Tell Kim Dotcom at Long-Delayed Extradition Hearing

Prosecutor Christine Gordon says the Megaupload execs are not as poor as they want the judge to believe.