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California's Wildfires Are Exposing the Rotten Core of Capitalism

It's going to get weirder from here.
Lauren Lee White
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Welcome to 2018: President Donald Trump Just Met with Kim Kardashian

We know it's all very confusing. Please allow us to explain.
Drew Schwartz
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I Just Wanna Talk About These Photos of Happy Kanye for a Second

Kanye West just became a dad for the third time and he has the big smile to prove it.
Lauren O'Neill
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Kanye West Rapped on the Phone for a Dying Fan

Kim Kardashian West tweeted that they are "praying for her family."
Lauren O'Neill

The Kardashians Are Struggling to Keep Up with the Trumps

"Life of Kylie" premiered to fewer viewers than "Sharknado 5," continuing a ratings decline for Kardashian-related shows that has only worsened since Donald Trump took office.
Mitchell Sunderland
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Kim Kardashian West Robbed at Gunpoint in Paris

A gang of armed men posing as police officers tied her up in her private apartment and stole millions of pounds worth of jewelery.
Noisey Staff

The VICE Morning Bulletin

At least one Trump ally says he is a tax "genius," Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint at her hotel in Paris, Colombian voters reject the FARC peace deal, and more.
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Jesus Wept: Kanye West Shares Tearful Video for "Wolves"

Is it in CDQ, though?
Jabbari Weekes

The Kimye and Taylor Swift Feud Has Always Been About White Femininity and Blackness

The Taylor Swift and Kimye beef isn't only about who said what, but about larger issues of race and privilege in America.
Muna Mire

The Kardashian West-Swift Beef Says Nothing About Us, but It Says Everything About Them

*Sips tea.*
Sarah MacDonald
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Taylor Swift Has Accused Kanye and Kim of Character Assassination Following Phone Call Leak

Swift has posted a statement on Instagram, continuing the bust up of the century.
Noisey Staff

Kanye West and Taylor Swift Are Still Arguing Over That Line in "Famous"

They're both burning through resources to make their points, too.
Alex Robert Ross