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Decapitating Lenin Statues Is the Hottest New Trend in Ukraine

Surreal photos of monuments to the Communist leader in overgrown fields, supply closets, and hatchbacks.
Kim Kelly
Noisey Shreds

Feral Cats and Fender Strats in the Death Metal Capital: Noisey Shreds with Obituary

In this new episode of our heavy metal series, we head down to Tampa, Florida.
Noisey Staff
Noisey Shreds

Dead Things, the Death Penalty, and Flirting with Black Metal: Noisey Shreds with Kvelertak

We hang out with the Norwegian Grammy-winning rock 'n' roll juggernaut at Hollywood's Museum of Death.
Noisey Shreds

Surf Rock, Black Thrash, and a Dead Kitten Wedding: Noisey Shreds Toxic Holocaust

In this second episode of our new metal series we take singer Joel Grind to New York's Morbid Anatomy Museum.
Noisey Staff
Noisey Shreds

God, Guns, and Freedom: Noisey Shreds with Slayer

In this first episode of our new metal series we head to Comic Con in San Diego to hang out with the gods of thrash.
Noisey Staff
The Sick Day Issue

September's Best Books, Albums, Film, and TV

We reviewed Kristin Dombek's latest book, Donald Glover's refreshingly off-kilter series, a newly-released Kenji Mizoguchi film, and more.
Sofia Groopman; Austin Walker; Kimm Kelly; Andrew M
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Noisey Editors Share Their Favorite Breakout Artists of 2015 on Today's 'Daily VICE'

We join Noisey editors Kim Kelly and Kyle Kramer to discuss which standout artists made 2015 an incredible year for music.
VICE Staff

Finding the Beauty of Death at Brooklyn's Morbid Anatomy Museum

How could you not think about death, and what does it say about you if you don't?
Kim Kelly

Joyful Noise: Zydeco Essentials

Getting to the roots of roots music.
Kim Kelly