kinetic installation


Think Giant Concrete Blocks Can't Fly? Think Again

Studio Drift's gravity-defying installation is a centerpiece of New York's largest art fair.


Sequenced Mirrored Squares Capture You in Reflection

Nonotak Studio's kinetic installation 'Narcisse' uses angles, surfaces, movement, and sounds to change people's visual perception.


Bullet Casings and Magnets Make Magic at a New Exhibit

If Steve Jobs was born in Mad Max times, this might be what the Macintosh looked like.


Choreographed Robots Are Tap Dancing Their Way Through London

We spoke to artist Peter William Holden about his kinetic machines that are dancing their CPUs out at London's Merge Festival.


A Kinetic Sculpture Arranges 804 Orbs From Order To Chaos

Using 804 rusty spheres, design studio Hypersonic have created a kinetic installation that represents the promise of biotechnology.


An Experiment in Video Feedback: Jonathan Brainin's Hypnotic Pendulum Video

Prepare to be mesmerized and maybe even a little freaked out by this mind-boggling kinetic installation.


Stressed Out? Watch A Video Of Newton’s Cradle Recreated With Incandescent Light Bulbs

If the world’s getting to you, try watching this hypnotic installation to calm the hell down.


The Mathematical Transformation Of A Chapel: Q&A With David Letellier

Caten is an installation consisting of an ethereal sculpture and a soundscape to match in Saint Sauveur chapel.