kinetic sculpture


Massive Robotic Instrument Turns Smartphone Data into Sounds

Using hardware and software, artist Andrius Šarapovas created a massive musical composer.


Playful Robotic Sculpture Imitates Traditional Chinese Dragon Dancing

The wave-like motion of the traditional Chinese dragon dance comes alive with the help of Arduino, algorithms, and robotic arms.


This Zen Coffee Table Creates Gorgeous Patterns Using Magnets and Sand

Bruce Shapiro’s kinetic art table creates beautiful kaleidoscopic patterns in real time.


Hear 435 Cardboard Boxes Create a Minimalist Sound Symphony

Zimoun examines the relationship between kinetic art and sound in '435 prepared dc-motors, 2030 cardboard boxes 35x35x35cm.'


Feed This No Face Piggy Bank Just Like in “Spirited Away”

This official Studio Ghibli 'Spirited Away' figurine will gobble up your gold (and your money).


This Human-Sized Marionette in Chains Is Just Uncomfortable

Jordan Wolfson brings his Howdy Doody-esque animatronic sculpture to the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.


Artists Imagine Life After a Total Internet Collapse

At Eastern Block’s ‘The Dead Web - La Fin’ exhibition, artists warn of a great collapse.


A 45-Ton Sculpture of Kafka's Head Is Glitching Out in Prague

Check out this gorgeous footage of David Cerny's motorized stainless steel monument to the modernist master.


Students Planted Giant Flip Books in a New Hampshire Forest

Kids from NYC schools built incredible kinetic sculptures in the ultimate artist summer camp.


Former 'Pee-wee's Playhouse' Cartoonist Makes Unexpectedly Funny Text Art

The former Pee Wee’s Playhouse set designer and puppeteer talks about his latest exhibition of word paintings.


It's a Kinetic Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

See your reflection through the eyes of an insect in Random International's motion-activated mirror.


The Fragility of Equilibrium Is a Finely Balanced Light Sculpture

Austrian design studio mischer'traxler's kinetic installation needs perfect equilibrium to shine bright.