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Jordan Says It Killed Islamic State Militants Who Planned to Attack Civilian and Military Targets

The security forces located the militants, who were carrying suicide belts, in a hideout in the northern city of Irbid near the Syrian border.
VICE News and Reuters
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'We Can't Do It Anymore': Jordan's King Abdullah Demands Help on Refugees

Refugees from Syria, Palestine, and Iraq now make up around 20 percent of Jordan's population and the country can no longer cope, says its king.
VICE News and Reuters

Saudi Arabia Walks a Fine Line in Giving More Rights to Women

As Saudi women prepare to vote and run for office for the first time, many believe that it is critical for the ruling family to avoid liberalizing society in a way that could drive more conservative-minded Saudis to extremism.
Colleen Curry
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Violence Rages for Third Consecutive Day at Jerusalem Holy Site

Dozens of people have been injured in three days of violence between Israeli security forces and stone-throwing Palestinians at the al-Aqsa Mosque.
Reuters and VICE News
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Saudi Women Can Vote For the First Time Ever — But Only 16 Have Registered to Do So

There are major logistical constraints that prevent women from participating in elections, signaling the deeper inequality that remains between men and women in the country.
Olivia Becker
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Saudi Women Are Registering to Vote For the First Time in History

Women in Saudi Arabia will be exercising their right to vote for the first time in upcoming municipal elections.
Olivia Becker
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Saudi Arabia Has Already Topped Last Year’s Total Number of Executions

The beheadings of two men Tuesday are the latest, adding to a soaring execution rate in the Middle East nation.
Liz Fields
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With Executions on the Rise, Saudi Arabia is Now Hiring Even More Executioners

With 85 people already executed in 2015 alone, a job ad posted on the country's Ministry of Civil Service website is calling for extra staff to fulfill eight executioner positions.
Arijeta Lajka
Opinion and Analysis

The Islamic State's Biggest Threat to Jordan Isn't Violence — It's Economics

The Islamic State and other militant groups pose an increasing physical threat to Jordan, but it's what they're doing to the country's faltering economy that may have the greatest effects.
Benjamin T. Decker

Canada Is Handing Jordan $125M to Fight the Islamic State, Aid Refugees, Boost Economy

During a state visit from King Abdullah, Ottawa announced that it’s pouring cash into Jordan as the Arab state feels pressure from all sides.
Justin Ling
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Will Saudi Arabia’s New King Regret the Arab Intervention in Yemen?

Taking military action against Yemen’s Houthi rebels is King Salman’s first foray into interventionist policy for Saudi Arabia. Depending on the outcome, it could also be his last.
Steven Tomaszewski
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Saudi King Salman Showers Citizens with $32 Billion Despite Predicted Budget Deficit

The new monarch’s post-coronation handout is a winner with locals, but experts say falling oil prices will make such lavish spending unsustainable.
Harriet Salem