King Dude


Icelandic Post-Punks Kaelan Mikla Go Dark on Their New LP

Stream the otherworldly trio's euphoric, Cure-approved new album, 'Nótt eftir nótt'
Kim Kelly

Watch King Dude's Raunchy New NSFW Video for "Sex Dungeon USA"

Vintage smut, BSDM porno, the Illuminati—what more could you want from our favorite Luciferian dark folk hedonist?
Kim Kelly

Listen to the First Single from Behemoth Frontman Nergal's Sinister Folk Project, Me and That Man

Watch the NSFW video for "My Church is Black," taken off the upcoming album, 'Songs of Love and Death'
Kim Kelly

Night Profound's 'Invocatio Lux, Evocatio Nox​' Offers Calm and Reflection During the Darkest Night

Stream the Canadian neofolk duo's melancholy, magisterial, and utterly lovely Not Just Religious Music debut.
Kim Kelly

King Dude Is About to Drop the Sexiest Album of 2016

Stream the Luciferian dark folk master's new album, 'Sex,' and get ready to die at 69 with the Beezlebub of Jerusalem.
Kim Kelly

The Devil's Right Hand

Religious fanatics in Russia want to 
strong-arm metal bands into silence.
Kim Kelly

King Dude Makes a "Deal With the Devil" in This Creepy New Horror Flick

The film is set to the haunting tones of one of King Dude's best-loved ballads, "Deal With the Devil," and follows a story of love, revenge, and the devil.
Kim Kelly
Tour Date-ing

Praise the Lord Lucifer, King Dude Just Announced a Ton of American Tour Dates

Tickets for The Key Of Light Tour are now on sale. Let's get gloomy, baby.
Kim Kelly
Festivals 2015

The Best Bands We Saw at the Best Heavy Festival in the World: Highlights from Roadburn 2015

Thou, Scott H. Biram, Svartidaudi, and more made Noisey's Kim Kelly's trip to the Netherlands totally worth it.
Kim Kelly

H&M Sucks at "Metal Fashion," But These Independent Brands Deserve Headbangers' Support

For fashion-conscious metalheads, DIY companies like Actual Pain, Cvlt Nation, Toxic Vision, Blackmeans, and Kylla Custom Rock Wear are the way to go.
Kim Kelly
The Raised Up Right Issue

King Dude Is the King of Dudes

T.J. Cowgill, the guy who runs the clothing label Actual Pain, also performs music under the name King Dude. He's the most optimistic, friendly Luciferian we know, a declaration made all the more powerful by his new record, Burning Daylight, which is...
Nick Gazin