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Noisey Acoustics

Here's Anna St. Louis Playing the Stunning "Water" and "Understand" in LA

The Kansas City-raised singer-songwriter's Noisey Acoustics session will chill you all the way out.
Noisey Staff

King Tuff Was Dead, but Now He Feels Like a Kid Again

Kyle Thomas has spent much of his career crafting perfect, scuzzy power-pop as King Tuff, developing a devilish, beer-swilling reputation. On his fifth LP as King Tuff, he's finally his cosmic self.
Alex Robert Ross
stream of the crop

Stream of the Crop: 14 New Albums for Heavy Rotation

In this week's roundup of essential new projects: Young Thug surprises us (again) alongside Nicki Minaj, 21 Savage, and Lil Uzi Vert, Tinashe (finally) returns with her third LP, and War on Women pick apart America's bullshit.
Alex Robert Ross
Colin Joyce
Kim Kelly
Kristin Corry
Dan Ozzi
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Kevin Morby Picks at Urban Solitude in New "City Music" Video

The title-track from his forthcoming fourth LP does away with the lyrical heft of 'Singing Saw' in favor of a beautiful, bright guitar line.
Alex Robert Ross
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Check Out Nick and Penelope Gazin's New Gallery Show in LA This Weekend

'Gazinizag' opens Saturday at Superchief LA, with DJ sets from Nick and King Tuff and an acoustic set from Rikky Gage.
River Donaghey

An Amsterdam Field Trip With King Tuff, the Master of Glow-in-the-Dark Rock'n'Roll

We talked to frontman Kyle Thomas about blacklight tattoos and why LA is an alien landscape.
Andrew Friscano

The Key to King Tuff’s Success: Only Working with Maniacs and Having Nothing Better to Do

The guitar virtuoso talks about how living in Vermont led him to shred.
Joseph Yanick

RSVP to Our Next Jansport Bonfire Session in Seattle with King Tuff, The Pharmacy, and Pure Bathing Culture!

These hazy, blaze-y, psych-peddlers will send your sensibilities skyrocketing to new heights—good thing it all goes down under the open sky.

King Tuff Proves His Toughness on the Gorburger Show

For the uninitiated, that giant blue beast thing is Gorburger, an alien monster from outer space that recently invaded a Japanese talk show and took it over. Now he's interviewing mostly American musicians and celebrities, like today's episode with King T
talkin' 'bout the boards

Um... Mental Smoking?

Why do you say such dumb stuff on our website? WHY? The only way I can deal with it is by drawing funny little pictures based on them. Here you go, this is my 38th Talkin' 'Bout The Boards column.
Nick Gazin