Dear Young, Hot, Rich Celebrities: Please Get a Room

After Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello plus Timothée Chalamet and Lily-Rose Depp, we've had enough. We cannot keep seeing you make out like gross horny animals.


How to Make Out, According to Some People at a Make Out Party

“I focus my attention on their bottom lip. I’ll just latch on with my teeth and pull it around a bit. I’ve made someone bleed before.”


The Seduction of Leo Komarov by the Notorious Pest Brad Marchand

The Boston Bruins took on the Toronto Maple Leafs last night in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, and Marchand decided to get intimate (again).


Trump tweets denial that he forced himself on a woman for 2 minutes 12 years ago

”Never happened. Who would do this in a public space with live security......” Trump tweeted.


Why We Like Putting Our Tongues in Other People's Mouths

Not everyone thinks making out is great. In fact, some think it's pretty gross. We asked researchers how some humans came to engage in this objectively weird yet often satisfying behavior.


Yes, Sadly, Newborns Can Die From a Kiss

If the person doing the kissing has the herpes virus.


People Are Hard-Wired to Turn to the Right When We Kiss

Scientists studying couples found that most people tend to turn to a specific side while making out.


Most People Get Herpes Long Before Their First Hookup

You might even have daycare to blame.


How to Be a Good Kisser in a Video Game

On the ups and downs of a great video game snog.


How to Be a Good Kisser in a Video Game

On the ups and downs of a great video game snog.


Some Photos of People Kissing

Valentine's Day isn't so bad after all.


Josh, the Awkward Kisser from 'Love at First Kiss,' Actually Had a Good 2016

This fall, the internet fell in love at first meme with the 27-year-old, never-been-kissed breakout star of TLC's most uncomfortable reality show. We caught up with Josh Basili to reflect on his year and learn how he's carrying his boundless optimism...