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When I Met the Now-Arrested Leader of a 'Feminist' Cult and His 'Kittens'

After the recent news of Turkish televangelist Adnan Oktar's arrest for fraud, sexual assault, and espionage, I look back on what it was like to meet him and the women of his "Islamic Creationist" cult, known as his "kittens."
Meher Ahmad
The VICE Guide to Right Now

We Have Found Hell on Earth and It Is This Cat House in the Desert

It could be yours for $240,000, or haunt your dreams for free.
Drew Schwartz
Weed Week

If You're Not Smoking Out of a Unicorn Bowl, You're Doing It Wrong

Seattle ceramics artist Katie Marks also makes tiny, smokeable kitten and geode pipes.
Kara Weisenstein

Go Behind the Scene with A-Trak and Kittens

Belvedere presents an inside look at what goes into being a successful DJ in the year 2017.
Noisey Staff

Morbid Anatomy Museum Unearths Some of Damien Hirst’s Favorite Taxidermy

Joyful photos of kittens at a wedding, except they're dead.
Andrew Salomone
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Craven Country Jamboree Featured a Horrific Kitten Burning, Eric Church, and Of Course, Bros

We met every type of bro.
Devin Pacholik
VICE vs Video games

Science Says It’s OK to Be Addicted to the Cat-Collection Game ‘Neko Atsume’

Almost nothing happens in this game, and it's entirely in Japanese. So why can't I stop playing it?
Allegra Ringo

LA's First-Ever CatCon Was Adorable and Kind of Scary

There were celebrity cats on view, expensive cat-furniture for sale, and tons of cat memes turned into consumer products.
Allegra Ringo and Adam Kleifield

Breaking Down the Audio of a Guy Who Called 9-1-1 Because He Was Scared of His Cat

Listening in on the plaintive plea of a man who couldn't go inside his house because of an angry feline.
Mike Pearl

The Guy Behind FSA Kittens Has Little Hope for Syria

Since the blog started, things have changed for the worse. With the war showing no signs of coming to an end, and with the Islamic State adding a new layer of horror to proceedings, Syria looks further from peace than ever.
Oscar Rickett

Our Obsession with "No Kill" Shelters Might Be Harming Animals

A shelter isn't a pound; it's a place where animals can stay forever, right? A recent lawsuit in Maryland is the latest event bucking the trend by painting a picture of a shelter manager's no-kill obsession that led to alleged acts of unthinkable...
Mike Pearl

Scientists in Wales Have Been Sewing Kittens' Eyes Shut

Cardiff University has been conducting a series of experiments in which they sew kittens' eyes shut from birth. As you can imagine, many people on the cat-lover's Mecca that is the internet got pretty angry about it. I decided to contact Cardiff...
Matt Shea