Kitty Levels Up What Synth Pop Can Mean on 'ROSE GOLD'

The prolific musician and producer's new full length release is personal, accomplished, and a seemingly total realization of her vision.


Travel Through Time, Space, and EDM with The Pom-Poms' Noisey Mix

Kitty and Sam Ray have blended "Shawty Wanna Fuck," 'Rick and Morty' jokes, and chunks of their own sitcom to create one of the weirdest, most fun mixes we've ever heard.


Kitty and Sam Ray Are a Rave-Pop Duo Now

"I Got That Boom" is the first single from the prolific couple's new project, The Pom-Poms. A self-titled EP is scheduled for September 21.


Kitty Is Back, and Sounding Very Good Indeed

Thank heck for that! Here's the first track from her imminent and thirstily awaited debut album, 'Miami Garden Club'.


Here’s Ricky Eat Acid’s Unnerving but Also Incredibly Soothing Video for “Never Alone In A Dark Room”

For an optimum viewing experience, watch alone in a dark room.


Ricky Eat Acid Starts an Impromptu Dance Party on "Nice To See You"

His album is out October 28 on Terrible Records.


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Firsties and Faves with Kitty: "My First Date was to 'Pirates of the Caribbean 3' and It Sucked"

We talked to Kitty about her first high school party, the Kardashians, and why Claire's is better than Hot Topic.


Stream Kitty's New Track "Drink Tickets" and Celebrate the Highest Form of Currency for Kids in Their 20s

The single comes from the annual Adult Swim Singles series.


Listen to Kitty's New EP 'Frostbite'

The rapper shows her new, electronic direction.


Jessica & the Jawbreakers in Cat Added Value

At first Jessica and the Jawbreakers despise the mean, ugly cat who shows up at their music rehearsal, but once he starts playing tunes, they fall for the ugly kitty's artistic soul.


Keep It Real

You know your nerdy co-worker who hits on everyone at office parties? Well, this is the story of that guy.