Klout Dead

RIP to the "social reputation score" website.


Whatever Happened to Klout?

The influence-measuring algorithm is still very much alive, but in a different form.


Peeple Has Backtracked to the Point of Pointlessness

Peeple vs. the people: how the internet won against the "Yelp for people."


Peeple Is for Employers, Not People

The reputation economy is coming, and it's terrifying.


Transforming Internet Gold Into IRL Paper Collages

Tumblr artist Daniel Kolitz takes the electricity out of the internet with these paper collages of popular websites.


Trust Me, I'm Cool (An App)

Here's the thing with regard to relative coolness: it's good to be cool and it's hip to be square; no one likes to party with losers and if you'd like to have a say, it's important to stay on top of trends. Being cool is different than being "popular...


Shedding Light on Klout's Black Box: An Interview with Klout Founder Joe Fernandez

As you probably won’t recall, I recently posted a piece that examined the Klout scores of dead celebrities. A few hours later, I got a tweet from the site’s creator, Joe Fernandez: Joe Fernandez@JoeFernandez @danstuckey Only thing I am sad about...


Psycho Twitter, Qu'est Que C'est

Study attempts to spot psychotics via tweet analysis.


Even the Dead Have Klout

Ok, I've been messing around with Klout, the site that tries to tell me how much I matter and how much of a shit people could give about what I say on social networks. After posting a Klout-generated tweet, I quickly deleted it, realizing the implicite...


ONES AND ZEROS: Facebook Christian Rock, IPO OGs, iPod Watches Are Getting Out of Hand

"Ones and Zeros":http://motherboard.tv/profiles/ones_and_zeros/posts is Motherboard's weekly investigation into the strange particle accelerator that is the internet.


Your Online Influencer Score Is Your New Credit Score

As you must know if you're a responsible and eager social media self-promoter, "Klout":http://www.klout.com and its ilk are in the business of "rating your internet influence":http://www.nytimes.com/2011/06/26/sunday-review/26rosenbloom.html. And in...


Thank You Klout.com For Giving My Life Meaning

I don’t actually know much of anything about science and technology. I’ve done some “things” to get my thoughts published, but if you still think pride is part of the journalism game you've obviously never had to deal with explaining an awkwardly...