Don't Buy This: Pre-Chopped Fruits and Vegetables Are a Big Waste of Money

Don’t let your chronic laziness get the best of you. Simply taking the time to chop food yourself can save $100 a month (or more).
Jubilee Baez
DIY Cutlery

Watch This Guy Turn Rice Into a Kitchen Knife

A new video from the Kiwami Japan YouTube channel documents the process of turning rice—yes, the rice you eat—into a formidable kitchen utensil.
Wajeeh Maaz

Watch This Guy Turn Jello Into a Knife

The quest continues to create knives out of anything.
Jon Christian

Watch This Guy Turn Plastic Wrap Into a Knife

Anything can be a knife if you believe.
Wajeeh Maaz

I Accidentally Fell Into the Feeder Fetish Community

The act of feeding and being fed elicits conversation, forges bonds, and creates community. Food is exciting. I, myself, am a cute fat girl who accidentally came into contact with my first 'feeder', a guy who experiences erotic pleasure from feeding.
Julia Nicole
killer clowns

Clown with Bladed Gloves Murders Man and Escapes on Scooter, Cops Say

It all went down in the parking lot of a Torchy's Tacos in Denver.
Josiah Hesse
art crime

Hat Wearing Slasher Knifes $3M Painting in Aspen

We spoke with the owner of the Opera Gallery about the bizarre, downright scary act of vandalism.
Nathaniel Ainley
torture porn

What Did This Nintendo Switch Do to Deserve Being Tortured With a Razor Blade?

One guy’s quest to beat the hell out of a brand new Switch.
Samantha Cole

This Hand-Carved Daikon Radish Chain Is Blowing Our Minds

The unnamed creator was, apparently, just really bored.
Nick Rose
first-person shooter

Badass Photos from a Day in the Life of a Professional Knife-Maker

For this week's edition of First-Person Shooter, we handed two cameras off to Adam, a knife maker from North Carolina. Adam's been crafting knives for the past five years, and his "slicers" are coveted by chefs and collectors from all over the world.
Julian Master

Someone Is Stabbing Trees With Meat-Wrapped Knives and No One Knows Why

For the last year and a half, someone in Omaha has been going around and stabbing trees with knives wrapped in meat, butcher paper, and duct tape.
Nick Rose

Get Your Otaku On with This Kawaii Cutlery for Gothic Lolitas

Japan’s lauded position as the true sovereign of the chiffonade hasn’t stopped one Japanese company from creating a pretty unconventional kitchen knife—one that has more in common with a waifu body pillow than a santoku or yanagiba.
Alex Swerdloff