Knife attack

Ohio State attack

What we know about the Ohio State attacker

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Suspect and victim die after knife attack on Swiss train

The attack on Saturday involved a Swiss man armed with a knife and flammable fluid who allegedly stabbed or burned five people on the train in northeast Switzerland.

A Shrink Explains the Questionable Link Between Mental Illness and Terrorism

We asked a psychiatrist if we're too quick to assume that people behind horrific attacks are "crazy."
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The VICE Morning Bulletin

Clint Eastwood backs Trump for president, the Supreme Court allows a school to impose the trans bathroom bill, and more.
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Everything we know about the knife rampage that left 19 disabled people dead in Japan

The 26-year-old suspect in the massacre had previously threatened to kill hundreds of disabled people "for the sake of Japan."
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At least 19 people dead after mass stabbing near Tokyo

The suspected attacker reportedly turned himself in after a rampage at a facility for disabled people about 25 miles west of Tokyo.
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South Korean Man Gets 12 Years For Brutal Knife Attack on US Ambassador

Kim Ki-jong was found guilty Friday of assaulting a foreign envoy and attempted murder after his vicious attack on US ambassador Mark Lippert last March.
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French Police Investigating Knife Attack Suspect's Attempted Trip to Turkey

More details have emerged about Moussa Coulibaly, the knife-wielding man accused of attacking three French soldiers Tuesday in the southern city of Nice.
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Video Shows Brutal Axe Attack in China

The security camera video released by Chinese state media shows three assailants attack people in a gaming hall in Xinjiang province.
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