Knocked Up

    • 5.9.16

      Hollywood Highs: How They Make Drugs Look Real in Movies

      We speak to the prop master who made fake drugs for every movie from 'Knocked Up' to 'The 40-Year-Old Virgin.'

    • 5.29.14

      My Friend, Jonah

      Jonah Hill is a lovable mensch who embodies so much and has so much more to give. Early on in his career, Jonah was hired to fill Seth Rogen's "Likable Jew with a Fresh Mouth" bucket. But after The Wolf of Wall Street, Jonah is quickly veering...

    • 5.13.14

      'Obvious Child' Is the Best Abortion Date Movie You'll See This Summer

      If you sit through rom-coms thinking, What would happen if someone farted right now? and Where are the Holocaust jokes?, then this is the subversive abortion date movie for you.