Koch Brothers

The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Key members of Congress clash over Trump intel, British police arrest eight in connection to attack at Parliament, Koch brothers to fund Republicans who vote against "Trumpcare," and more.
VICE Staff
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A New Book Claims the Father of the Koch Brothers Helped the Nazis Refine Oil

America's most famous dark money may have its origins in something even darker.
Mike Pearl

Your Guide to the Koch Brothers

How America's favorite dark money billionaires came to control the nation's political future.
Kevin Lincoln

In 2014, Canada Lost Its Reputation as a Environmentally Friendly Liberal Wonderland

Celebrities, activists, and even Bill Nye the Science Guy are calling out the Canadian government for being in the pocket of the oil industry.
Patrick McGuire

Colorado High Schoolers Are Fighting a ‘Patriotic’ Whitewashing of US History

A Tea Party–backed school board's proposal for a more right-wing curriculum led to two weeks of student walkouts and protests in the latest proxy battle in the American culture wars.
Josiah Hesse

Should Oil Barons Like David Koch Be Funding Our Museums?

It's one thing for energy tycoons like Koch to want their name plastered all over opera houses and ballet theaters, but now that they're funding science museums, activists are stepping up their game.
Mary Emily O'Hara

America's Union-Busting Conservatives Are Going Local

Organized labor has been under assault for decades in this country, and a new breed of anti-union laws could be coming to your town next.
Spencer Woodman

We Spoke to the Comedian Trying to Raise a Million Dollars on Kickstarter to Start a Podcast

Comedian and TV writer Joe Mande is seven days away from the end of his Million Dollar Kickstarter project. He says, "If you pay me one million dollars, I will host a weekly podcast where I interview comedians and musicians and shit like that."
Josh Androsky

The Koch Brothers’ Fake Libertarianism: War, Forced Pregnancies, and Homophobia

The billionaire oil barons want you to think they're selfless libertarian ideologues following their hearts, but following the money tells a different story.
Lee Fang

The Democratic Party's Future Is Awash in Dark Money

Amid talk of a left-wing revival inspired by populists like NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio and US Senator Elizabeth Warren, corporate titans from finance to natural gas to big retail to telecom are trying to reshape the party of Obama.
Lee Fang
Greg Palast

Vaya Con Dios, Hugo

"It's a chess game, Mr. Palast," Chavez told me. "And I am a very good chess player." When it comes to class war on a chessboard, even in death, I wouldn't bet against Hugo Chavez.
Greg Palast
Greg Palast

Hugo Chavez Told Me He Won't Sell Oil to the Kochs

I’ve been tracking a tube of black putrid ooze, a toxic viper slowly slithering 2,000 miles across the belly of America, swallowing all water aquifers, politicians, and reason in its path. It's called the XL Keystone Pipeline.
Greg Palast