How-To: Make Koji Fried Chicken with Angela Dimayuga

Angela Dimayuga of Mission Chinese Food in NYC shows us how to make perfectly crispy fried chicken using koji—a.k.a. fermented rice.


Koji Fried Chicken with Salted Cucumber and Daikon Salad Recipe

The koji used in the air-drying process caramelizes the outside of the chicken so well, you won't even need flour to make it crispy.


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This Chinese Koji Fried Chicken Is the Perfect Mix of Tender and Crunchy

Everyone has their opinions about where to get the best fried chicken, but let's just say that Mission Chinese Food's is a guaranteed slam dunk no matter what.


The Best Rice Pudding Has a Little Funk

We decided to kick off the weekend in the best possible way with the new king of rice puddings: koji rice pudding.


Koji Rice Pudding Recipe

While koji is traditionally used to marinate meats, it brings an extra layer of sweet and salty deliciousness when you add a little bit to a simple dessert like rice pudding.


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Some real heavy classic indie rock influence on these.


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You'll see Josefina's House Special Chicken on the menu at the new Mission Chinese Food, but you won't know the full story until you talk to Executive Chef Angela Dimayuga.