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When Babies Squad Up

It's important to let babies squad up. That's how they trade baby info and compare baby notes and kick all of their baby activities up a notch.


Your Baby Knows More About Metaphysics Than You

You can, may, and should put all trust in the baby.


Baby Talk

Babies are hella smart. You don't have to talk down to them, they'll run with whatever you're throwing at them. I try to keep it 100 with mine and talk to her like I would any other grown person. You should do the same.


Baby Food

Baby food is bullshit. Just mash some real food up and the baby will eat it.


Baby Swammin’

Babies spend nine months floating around in amniotic fluid, so their swim game is, as the French say, on fleek.


Baby Fashion

I gotta tell you, I'm not a big fan of baby clothes. I feel like people be taking advantage of the fact that a baby is too polite to tell you that onesie you bought them is weak as fuck.